Twitter: Louis Riddick: Chargers will give Cowboys run game good run test

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Sep 25, 2013.

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    The Cowboys are not going on the road and dominate like that. Road games are never easy in the NFL.

    I give the Cowboys an edge, but it will be a close game. If they don't turn the ball over and play solid defense, they should win. Hopefully Murray will be at least 100 yards rushing. Chargers have had some trouble stopping the run.

    Pressure Rivers and he will make mistakes. Of course, they are saying the same thing about Romo. Both offenses can move the ball and score points. But our defense is a bit better, especially against he run.
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    Foster 18 57 3.2
    Tate 9 55 6.1
    Keo 1 8
    Johnson 12 146
    Daniels 5 67
    Hopkins 5 66

    McCoy 11 53 4.8
    Vick 5 34
    Brown 3 13 4.3
    Jackson 9 193
    McCoy 5 114
    Ertz 2 58
    Avant 4 39
    Cooper 2 25

    Johnson 19 90 4.7
    Locker 5 68
    Battle 4 12 3.0
    Washington 8 131
    Wright 6 71
    Walker 5 49
    Hunter 1 34
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    The 4-3 is better suited to stop the run. It's actually a weakness of the 3-4 unless you've got studs in just about all the positions of the defense.
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    Charger have lost to Texans by 3, beat Eagles by 3, and lost to Titans by 3.
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    I expect that just about every week.
  6. Corso

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    I like the Cowboys...
    By 3.

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    SD's starting NT and backup are both over 330 lbs, but their ends aren't extreme in size.

    LDE - K. Reyes (6-4 300).
    Backup J. Wynn (6-3 285),

    RDE - C. Liugent (6-2 300).
    Backup S. Lissemore (6-3 303).

    Compared to our OL. Smith (318 lbs), Leary (331 lbs), Frederick (311 lbs), Waters (320 lbs), Free (325 lbs).
  8. DFWJC

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    Now that's a not to subtl way to pat yourselfon the back. LOL
    Good stuff!
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    The Chargers have played 3 teams that run the ball really well. Two of those teams have some qb option looks which league wide average 2 more ypc and they also played the best zone team in the league.
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    Seems as if teams are more content to let DM have his yards......vrs letting Dez get away from them. Giants made sure it never got going, KC let Dez get off the blocks, but then shut it down 2nd half, Rams were content to let Murray run and keep Dez in check to at least pedestrian levels. I expect San D will do much of the same, unless the OLine can really get DM off the blocks early. Teams have to believe the Cowboy run game is the bigger of the 2 evils before they will change, Just as they were forced ot perceive of Emmitt, of Tony D

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