Louisiana called least healthy state: report

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    Louisiana called least healthy state: report

    Louisiana has been ranked the most unhealthy state. Last year Louisiana ranked 49th unhealthiest state with Mississippi ranked the worst at 50. The healthiest state is currently Vermont.

    The current healthiest and unhealthiest state rankings were producted by the United Health Foundation.

    Louisiana was ranked the unhealthiest state because of high percentages of obesity, uninsured residents, and children living in poverty.

    There is some good news for the state of Louisiana. They had a low level of binge drinking. They also have a strong level of public health funding.

    The children in Louisiana are not getting the proper medical immunizations. However, Louisiana is trying to do something to rectify this situation. The First lady of the state, Supriya Jindal, launched a program called Shots for Tots. This program helps to encourage parents to properly immunize their children.

    The next focus will be on getting better health care for seniors who live in Louisiana. Seniors often have poor health care because they are retired and do not have very good health insurance benefits. Many seniors have to choose between buying food and buying their prescriptions because they live on fixed incomes. Seniors need better health care because they are more prone to illness because they are getting older.

    Obesity is a huge problem in the state as well. The obesity rate has increased one hundred and fifty percent since 1990. The state of Louisiana needs to try and implement programs that will help people get in shape and maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle.

    If Louisiana can lower its obesity rate, lower its rate of uninsured residents, and get more children properly immunized then they may move up in the rankings next year. The state and its residents need to take this unhealthiest state ranking and learn from it. Hopefully, in the future Louisiana will be a much healthier state.

    “We’ve just not made any improvement in the overall healthiness of the nation,” said Dr. Reed Tuckson of UnitedHealth Group Inc, the largest U.S. health insurer, and the private United Health Foundation.


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    Now the main reason I posted this was because the guy in the picture if you click the link ......

    Looks just like Wade Phillips.

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    They should have covered more than his eyes.
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    Looks like the crown of a giant bald head.
    He should keep his shirt on...
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    Texas isn't that much better, ranked 46th.

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