Low Carb Dieting/Working Out Question

Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by Stryker44, Dec 11, 2012.

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    Not right now. I used to track carbs and calories but I stopped. I think I'm off the diet, but still cutting back. As in still no soda, sweets, junk food, ect. Still no white foods, just whole wheats.
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    Been stuck between 213-217 for a bit. Cut back on some training this week and maintained weight, whereas last week I worked out really hard and lost nothing. Going to resume harder training next week. Frustrating.
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    Super Immunity by Joel Fuhrman and Green for Life by Victoria Boutenko are excellent references. Not only for achieving optimum weight but also optimum health.
  4. Stryker44

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    My weight loss has plateaued around 210...still want to get to 190 before I start looking really cut.

    Any suggestions? Its kind of been frustrating to be at the same number for nearly a month, yet still watching what I eat and working out regularly.
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    What kind of cardio are you doing?
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    Are you switching up your workout plan? Sometimes you body plateaus because it gets used to the same routine over time. You need to vary your workout regime every 4-6 weeks to break through your plateau. Try changing up your cardio and weight exercises. Do something completely different for a month and then alternate the cycle.
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    Treadmill 3 times a week for an hour, and another three hours of cardio kickboxing and plyometric...about 6 hours a week total.

    Good point...in a couple of weeks I'll have to change my plan by necessity, as I'm going to be swim coaching in the afternoons and will have to do all my workouts in the mornings.
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    You either need to drop your calories by about 150 or increase cardio.

    You might just need a couple of days off from diet & exercise too.

    Are you tracking your calories?
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    I have, should probably do so a bit more stringently. I've been good about watching junk food and avoiding alcohol...my soft spot has probably been pasta believe it or not...I cook a bunch and bring it for lunch and also have it at dinner. Should probably eat more protein and less carbs.

    Do you know if your basal metabolic rate actually decreases the more your body adapts to a particular form of exercise? I know it decreases as one loses weight (eg a 250 lb has a higher BMR than a 200 lb man)...but does a well conditioned 200 lb man who's used to running burn less than a man whos just beginning to run at the same weight?

    I definitely feel like that's the case with me.
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    I would recommend finding a track (highschool) around your area. I plan on hitting the track and doing sprints and 400's after lifting.

    Like someone said, mix in different activities so you don't get bored. I throw in some boxing/bootcamp, flag football, indoor soccer, jogging, biking, etc. Might start some cross-fit.
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    When you start getting healthier and in better shape just eating healthy isn't enough and every calorie matters when it comes to dropping fat.

    What you want to do at this point is maintain as much muscle as possible with a high protein diet that has enough carbs to keep you going and enough fat to keep you feeling good.

    If you don't track calories it's going to be really difficult and you'll have to work harder than you really need to.

    Changing up exercise routines is more myth than anything. It's all about nutrition when getting results.
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    This is an awesome thread for information. After years and years of failed diets I'm finally feeling like I can reach my goals. For the past 3 months I've been eating healthy and going for 5 mile walks pushing my the kids in the triple stroller. I'm 6 foot 4 and started at 450 and im down to 370 for an 80lb loss. Still have a lot of work to do but reading the comments in here give me new ideas and inspiration. Keep up the hard work.
  13. Joe Rod

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    I'm hitting the big 40 in less than a month and I have noticed that my metabolism is slowing down, so I have changed some things up to keep me at my comfort level.

    • I stopped salt intake - Good night what a difference that has made for water retention.
    • I have started walking the dog about two miles in the mornings. She has been loving it and so have I. Running is over for me, it sucks, but it's the truth.
    • Switched snacks during the day to protein based only (no carbs). Honey roasted almonds, things like that. They really make me feel fuller longer.
    • Added at least two new songs to my music mix per week. This has been ridiculously helpful with my motivation. I look forward to working out because I can listen to my new tunes.
    • Started working out at home. I just don't have the time for a gym anymore with work and kids and hitting the home gym saves me about thirty minutes of drive time. Been hitting it for about thirty minutes four times a week. Cool thing is that my nine year old has started taking an interest and more quality time with the kids is a major bonus in my book!

    Goal is to stay at 180. I am pretty happy with where I am at, don't want to fall off the cliff and am simply not ready to stop being a jungle gym for my little ones.
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    That is one thing I know I should look at because my sodium intake is pretty high, and I'm fairly sure my water retention is as well. But I really don't know what I'd eat if I really cut down on sodium. I am really a picky eater, and the things I like (outside of sweets which I try to limit as much as possible) seem to have a lot of sodium in them.
  15. BrAinPaiNt

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    4 Months 50+ pounds lost.

    No push ups
    No sit ups
    No jogging
    No walking

    No type of regulated exercise at all. Here recently have been doing yard work stuff (mowing, weed eating, some landscaping/flower box stuff).

    Just pure calorie counting.

    About a year ago (tail end of June) I quit smoking. Shortly after I started eating more. In January I realized I had gained around 30-40 pounds.

    I did not keep track of my weight much before other than to know that I was always around 200 pounds give or take 5-10 pounds. When the weight gain started becoming more than a little I knew something had to be done.

    So the wife and I started on Jan 1st to diet. Well She has been on one (off and on) for much longer.

    Started off with the recommended 1200-1400 calorie diet. Slowly but surely I would reduce that total calorie count. Would also slowly train my body to get used to not eating for longer periods of time where I quit smoking and my body got used to eating more often.

    At one point I got down to around 300 calories per 24 hour cycle. Would only eat dinner during that time.

    Would also use the app on the phone to keep track of every single calorie so I knew where I was caloriewise at all times.

    The last week or two I have quit counting the calories and keeping track of them. I have pretty much trained my body to eating an evening meal with an occasional snack at night. I have cut out so many different types of food that I know are high in calories.

    Now this past weekend and the first couple of days this week we splurged some because we reached a goal and decided to treat ourselves to break our normal ritual and revitalize the dieting to a degree. Ate some things we had not had in a long time and have been craving (for me it was a big plate of spaghetti and later that evening a Blizzard from DQ).

    Now we are back on the diet.

    So At this point I have taken off the weight I had gained after I quit smoking and also have taken off weight that I already had prior to that big gain.

    I don't know how much more I will wind up losing. I don't know how much longer I will be on a strict calorie diet. I don't know if my goal is a specific weight or a specific time frame. Could be if I get to a certain weight I will stop (although not go full bore into my daily eating routines before dieting but not as strict as now) or if I will just go one year.

    This last few weeks I have been hovering around the 50-55 pound weight loss bubble. I imagine this week will be the same after we had that weekend and first few days of this week of eating.

    With the weather changing I will give myself more tasks/chores to do outside in the heat to help lose weight vs going on daily runs/walks as I really don't see that as something that I would keep up with as I would get bored too quickly.

    Either way...even if 50-55 pounds is all I lose and I stay around that general amount it would be better than I have been in 20+ years and added to that quitting smoking it is ok for me.

    I have went to where I could barely fasten my pants due to the weight gain to now where the same jeans I have to tighten my belt to the very last hole on it. Maybe a new belt is in order before long. I don't want to buy new pants until I absolutely have to even if they are really baggy looking right now.
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    Just cut back on salt and try not to over do it. You don't have to completely avoid it and it's pretty much impossible to. Your body needs a little salt anyways. Switch to Sea Salt too instead of basic table salt.

    So if your making a real effort to not over consume a lot of salt than you are doing enough.
  17. CATCH17

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    Congrats on the weight lost. That is awesome.

    Exercise is really nothing more than a tool to help in calorie reduction and with lifting weights it effects your bodies compensation.

    I just have a couple of suggestions for you.

    I don't know your height or weight but 1500 calories seems a little on the low side. You could probably bump that up to 1750.

    There is no need to go as low as 300 ever. You're doing more harm than good when you do that.

    Your goal should be to eat as much food as possible while still losing weight so that way you still have your energy and you keep all of your hormones and metabolism balanced.

    You lost 50+ pounds but eating that few of calories means you probably didn't just lose fat. You most likely dropped some of your lean mass as well.

    Congrats again though and I strongly suggest eating at least 1700 cals. You'll still lose weight I promise and you'll feel better too.
  18. Joe Rod

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    It wasn't easy because I am a total salt-aholic. My in-laws once bought me a salt lick as a gag gift. :laugh2:

    I tried to reduce by eating it in moderation, but that never worked because I would always grab for the shaker again. So, I put it down and started from scratch. I started trying all foods again and find what I liked without salt. Weird thing is, after a few weeks, I notice my taste buds started rolling with it. Some things are out, but some new things have emerged to take their place.
  19. BlindFaith

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    Three keys to losing weight are:

    1. Counting calories
    2. Determining your BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate)
    3. Eating frequently (4 or 5 times a day) ... and drinking lots of water.

    To get an accurate reading for your BMR you will need to calculate your body fat percentage. The easiest and fairly accurate way is to use on of those plastic calipers. This is what I use http://www.amazon.com/Accu-Measure-Fitness-3000-Personal-Tester/dp/B000G7YW74/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1368200799&sr=8-1&keywords=fat+measuring+calipers

    Once you get the body fat percentage, subtract the percentage in pounds from your total body weight. That will give you your lean mass. You will need to convert the lean mass figure into kilos based on the calculation I have.

    Your BMR = 370 + (21.6 X lean mass in kilos) = number of calories your body consumes by just living and breathing.

    Next you multiply the BMR by an activity factor to get your TDEE (total daily expenditure level).

    Sedentary = BMR X 1.2
    Lightly Active (workout 1-3 days a week) = BMR X 1.375
    Mod Active (workout 3-4 days a week) = BMR X 1.55
    Very Active (workout 6-7 days a week) = BMR X 1.75
    Ext Acitve (hard daily workouts, heavy sports) BMR X 1.9

    This gives you the number of calories your body will need to maintain your weight. To lose weight you need to be in caloric deficit. There are 3500 calories in a lb of fat. If you have been training and are only 20 or so lbs over your target weight, I'd suggest focusing on losing only a couple of lbs a week. Thats 7000 calories or 1000 a day.

    So lets say your TDEE is 3000 calories a day, then you would cut that down to 2000.

    Once you know the target number of calories, then you spread that out over 4 or 5 meals a day. Ideally eating every 3 or 4 hours. Breakfast being the most calories of the day and the last meal of the day being the least. Eating more frequent, smaller meals keeps your metabolism going and never leaves you feeling hungry. Also drink lots and lots of water. For a TDEE of 3000 you should be drinking 100-149 oz of water - daily.

    What you should eat kinda depends on your body makeup. Everyone processes food differently. A good starting point is 40/40/20. Each meal consisting of 40% protein, 40% carbs and 20% fat. And there are good carbs and bad carbs. Good fat and bad fat.

    So, in a nutshell, count your calories, figure out your TDEE, eat many small meals a day, and drink lots of water.
  20. CATCH17

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    This has actually been shown to not be that big of a deal when it comes to weight loss.

    Look up Intermittent Fasting and see the results on that.

    Meal timing doesn't really matter either. If you want to consume 2000 calories right before bed than it won't effect you any differently than consuming 2000 calories in 4 or 5 small meals through out the day.

    All that matters is Calories in vs Calories out when losing weight.

    Knowing how many calories you need to maintain your current weight is most of the battle. So if you need 2000 cals to maintain than 1,800 is a good place to start with your diet. Then when your weight loss stalls then you could increase exercise or drop that number by 100 cals to about 1,700.

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