LSU G Herman Johnson downsizes

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    LSU G Herman Johnson downsizes
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    Rick Gosselin E-mail News tips
    When Herman Johnson arrived at LSU out of Denton High School in 2004, he immediately picked up a nickname.

    "Marcus Spears teased me, `You're as big as a house. We're going to start calling you `The House,'" Johnson said. "It stuck."

    Johnson weighed 411 pounds at the time. He became a starter as a sophomore and dropped weight over time, finishing his college career at 386. Then he went to the Senior Bowl.

    "A lot of (NFL) teams told me I looked good but that I'd be even better if I could drop some weight," Johnon said. "So I tried to drop as much weight as I could in the short period of time I had."

    Johnson worked with a nuitrionist and also did more cardio exercises as he prepared for the NFL scouting combine. The House downsized to a condo. Johnson checked in there at 364 pounds. That's where he'd like to stay.

    "I feel a lot more comfortable," Johnson said. "But there are a lot of defensive tackles in this league at 360. You can't go in their light with no strength. These guys are a lot quicker and a lot faster in the NFL. In college you have some guys who have the potential -- but the NFL is a whole different game with the size of those defensive tackles."

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