LSU WR D Byrd in intensive care

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Woods, Apr 20, 2009.

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    I saw it on

    LSU WR hurt in car accident... LSU WR Demetrius Byrd, a solid second tier prospect for this weekend's draft, is in the intensive care unit in a Miami hospital following a serious automobile yesterday.
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    Wow, surprised there's no responses. My thoughts are with Byrd and his family. What an awful set of circumstances to happen right before the draft.
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    I wonder what his options are? Honestly, I don't think anyones going to take him on Sunday. If he improves can he be taken in the supplemental draft? Awful situation. I don't know the facts behind it, but lets hope it wasn't his fault.
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    Here's an update:

    LSU Assistant: “The Doctors Are Feeling Very Good About Demetrius’ Chances”

    Posted by Aaron Wilson on April 20, 2009, 11:09 p.m.
    In the wake of LSU wide receiver Demetrius Byrd’s major car accident that has left him hospitalized in stable condition at Miami’s Jackson Memorial Hospital’s intensive care unit, the NFL draft prospect is now able to respond to people’s voices, squeeze hands and can blink on command, according to LSU receivers coach D.J. McCarthy.
    “The doctors are feeling very good about Demetrius’ chances,” McCarthy told us in a telephone interview tonight. “He’s trying to open his eyes. The blessing is that he’s alive and he’s going to be okay.
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    Man, this sucks so much. I guess the hopes are that he can live normally more than play football again at this point.
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    Amen. Best wishes to this kid.
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    Here is a picture of Byrd's car after the wreck that I'm pulling from another LSU blog.


    Kid is lucky to be alive.

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