Luck not a lock for draft, but he could be No. 1

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    Luck not a lock for draft, but he could be No. 1
    By Anthony Gimino
    Nov. 4, 2010

    As expected, the Pac-10 has a quarterback projected as the No. 1 pick in the 2011 NFL Draft. It's just not Washington's Jake Locker.

    Stanford redshirt sophomore Andrew Luck has emerged on several scouting boards as the No. 1 prospect, including He has said he wants to come back to Stanford for another season, but the lure of the draft can be hard to resist. Besides, Luck can see that Locker did himself no favors by coming back for his senior season.

    When Stanford's receivers aren't open, Andrew Luck is athletic enough to tuck the ball and take off (Getty Images)
    Luck is ready right now. He's big (6-feet-4, 235 pounds), he's strong, he's smart (duh), he's football smart, he has an NFL arm, his accuracy puts Locker to shame ... and, shoot, the kid is a great runner, too.

    Stanford coach Jim Harbaugh, in probably one of the strangest moments in any of those weekly conference calls with the media, called Luck "perfect" last month as he kind of compared the quarterback to his wife.

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