Lucrative new use for Texas Stadium

Discussion in 'Members Zone' started by notherbob, Mar 1, 2006.

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    I sent an email to David Leininger, financial bigwig for the City of Irving about my idea of converting Texas Stadium into an indoor skiing venue and here is his response:
    - - -

    Thank you for your thoughts about Texas Stadium in the post-Cowboys era. We welcome any ideas that will result in the site and facility going back on the tax rolls and producing substantially more income!

    I am familiar with the program you have described. In my prior life, I worked for a consulting firm that actually performed a number of economic and market studies on this particular idea. The idea certainly has merit and can be an economically attractive venture. Like most entertainment ideas, it is a “big idea” and requires an excellent developer, entertainment operator and capital sources. The city does not fit any of those categories so we clearly need to seek out those who do.

    We will be moving forward with project solicitation efforts within the next six to twelve months, at which time this and other ideas will be considered. In the interim we have some things to accomplish, including a May election, completion of some marketing studies on convention and entertainment venues and determination of the final site for the proposed Presidential Library for President Bush.

    Thank you again for your thoughts. Keep them coming.

    David Leininger

    _ _ _ _

    Here's a copy of my email to him:

    Dear Mr. Leininger -

    After the Cowboys finally leave Texas Stadium and the seats are all sold off, etc., I would like to see it converted into an indoor snow skiing theme park. There's one that just opened up in the United Arab Emirates or someplace over there. The hole could be covered with a double layer of lightweight mylar or something similar to reflect heat and admit some light and the rest of the roof insulated with lightweight foam or whatever. The luxury suites could become shops, bars and restaurants with a great view of the skiing. With that much space, there could be all kinds of runs, including some special mogul runs and half pipes for skiboarders and lotsa lifts and a great way to cool off in the long hot summer in the metroplex. By using spiral-shaped runs, there could be several long runs from the top of the nosebleed seats all the way to the field level - (Ice rink there?) You could have an extensive skateboard park outside.

    There are many hundreds of thousands of skiers within a 200 miles radius who would love to give it a try, many coming to the area primarily with the skiing as a destination and bring money with them. You could even build a ski/ice skate/ sports/travel motif shopping center that would attract people.

    At first it might sound crazy, but I think it bears looking into, doing general public surveys and skier/ski shop/ski clubs surveys to gauge the possible public reaction to such a place. Where else can you ski in Texas, even in July? Skiers in LA, OK, ARK, MS, TN would love to be able to ski without having to go all the way to the Rocky Mountains. I think the place could also attract a lot of carryover traffic from the Arlington entertainment venues that also attract large crowds to the area.

    Much of the construction, including a big covered hole in the ground has already been paid for and the skiing makeover should easily be accomplished with a minimal additional investment. The biggest expense would be electricity to keep the place cool, but fortunately, Texas Stadium lends itself well to adding large banks of solar panels to help generate electricity if necessary.

    I have neither the time nor the resources to be involved in the project as I have other interests in life that occupy me but I thought I would pass the idea on to you for consideration. Sometimes, you have to think outside the hole in the roof.

    Thanks for your time. Good luck with whatever you decide to do.

    - - - - -

    Not everybody thinks it's a silly idea unworthy of consideration. While he did't say it was the winning idea, he didn't dismiss it out of hand, either. I thought it was interesting that some preliminary surveys have already been done.
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    Awsome idea! I would be there for sure, along with tens of thousands of others Im sure.
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    I visited that place in Dubai this past summer... it wasn't done yet, they had just completed jacking up the upper level, but man, what a joint. And the mall that is is joined to is no joke either.

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