Luke Joeckel Scouting Report

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    +Joeckel has uncanny athletic ability, he makes movements look effortless that most other OT’s looked labored doing
    +Has the ability to mirror speed rushers off the edge and force them beyond the pocket and out of the play
    +Stays Light on his feet and is able to slide quickly to stay out in front
    +Doesn’t rely solely on ability to stay in front of defenders to block pass rusher, Utilizes both his athleticism, long frame, and technical ability to block effectively
    +Does a great job getting out of his stance, and moves really well in the open field
    +Works well out of the tandem block to get to the 2nd level and get his hands on the LB thanks to speed
    -Can get caught by elite level DE’s, Sam Motgomery was able to give Joeckel some trouble because he can combine power with speed and it had Joeckel guessing
    -Joeckel got flat footed and Montgomery who was able to generate some push into the pocket off his bull rush, Joeckel was able to re-anchor and stop the rush but it could expose a slight issue

    +Went from blocking for Jerrod Johnson, to Ryan Tannehill, to finally Johnny Manziel in his career with the Aggies, all those QB’s had active feet and required Joeckel to be aware of the blocking call and assignments
    +Played in a predominant spread based system utilizing a man blocking scheme
    +While there wasn’t a ton of experience in either a zone or area scheme he does show the natural ability to operate in it
    +Has a high level of awareness, does a good job seeing the blitz as it comes and is able to pick up stunting or twisting DL as they try and confuse the offensive line

    Run Blocking
    +Plays with great leverage, does a good job staying low and standing the defender up out of his stance
    +Has good drive blocking technique with his hand placement and footwork
    +Really utilizes his long arms to extend out and control the defender
    +Works with Jake Matthews along the goal line to run a jumbo package where Matthews aligns to his outside shoulder and both work to clear out an entire side of the defensive line
    +Has a leg drive that allows him to generate great push off contact
    +Walls off defenders to create lanes that the RB can find and explode through
    +May be the best 2nd level blocker in the country
    +Gets out in front of sweeps and screen passes to lead block on the outside, uses his size to engulf smaller DB’s on the perimeter
    -When Joeckel lets his footwork get away from himself, he will reach and lose his technique
    -He’ll bend at the waist and get himself over extended, this tends to occur the most when trying to get to a 2nd level block

    Pass Protection
    +Joeckel is the definition of a premier pass defender, there is no question as to his elite status as a LT prospect
    +Has nice long arms that he uses well in pass protection to extend and keep the defender off of him
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    The 2 issues that I see with him are:

    1. In the games that I watched, NFL refs would have called him for holding on many plays.

    2. I've noticed that pass-rushers appear tentative when playing A&M compared to how the same pass-rushers play against other teams. I think that the outside defensive guys are really worried about containing Johnny Football.
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    In most mocks I've seen he is going in the top 10.

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