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Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by TXCowboyVol, Aug 22, 2013.

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    Kuechly dominated the nfl as a rookie and led the league in tackles despite playing with sub standard dts in front of him.

    Willis is a fine player. A great player who is an incredible athlete. He hits harder. You don't see Willis do in coverage what kuechly can do. I'm not just hyped about a preseason game. That guy jumped off the screen in college, at the combine and most importantly as a rookie. They went and put two bad dudes in front of him to go with their 3 very good ends.

    They will be a very good team in 2 years when they find a couple of corners a safety and a wide out.
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    Luke is beast and seems 100% healthy. Lee is a beast but seems 50% healthy. The only difference I can make.
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    Did anyone here see how horrible he was against the Eagles the week before??? Obviously not. He has plenty to prove and is absolutely not better than the 49ers guys just because he made some plays in a half a preseason game.
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    Sometimes our fan's opinion can be comical, the above quote is not one of those times.
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    Actually, playing behind a weak d-line would inflate a linebacker's stats, as they make more tackles on running plays when the back gets past the line. Beason will be back and maybe healthy, too, which might hurt Kuechly's numbers.

    That being said, numbers aren't everything and Kuechly is a beast. Hard to argue that he isn't a top lb.
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    Yea, think it was the game against Seattle last year when we got killed.
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    Big Claiborne fan but him lee and carter together would be unbelievable.
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    Kuechly will be the best MLB very soon...probably within a few years. The guy is only 3 years he still won't even be in his prime yet!

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