Lunar eclipse 'magnified' in US

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    A partial lunar eclipse taking place on 26 June will appear magnified in the US by an effect known as the "moon illusion".

    The eclipse will begin 10:17 GMT when the Moon enters the shadow of Earth.

    Because of the timing, it will not be visible from the UK or Europe.

    But in many parts of the US and Canada, the eclipse will appear larger because it occurs while the Moon is so close to the horizon.

    According to Nasa, low-hanging Moons look "unnaturally large when they beam through trees, buildings and other foreground objects". The reason for this is not understood.

    At its maximum, 54% of the Moon's diameter will be covered. This will occur at 0438 US pacific time (1138 GMT) - the event will last almost three hours.

    Because the Moon, Sun and Earth are not aligned, it will not reach "totality".
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    That statement is odd. The actual statement should refer to surrounding objects not passing through objects since light (for the most part) doesn't pass though solid mass.

    Distance and size of objects are judged by surrounding objects. When the moon is at the zenith, there are no objects around it to judge it's size and distance and you tend to perceive it at a specific (usually smaller since there is nothing to compare it too) size. When the moon is on the horizon, there are other objects around at ground level which causes you to perceive it as being larger than you remember it at the zenith.

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