Twitter: Machota: Romo changed play on 3rd and goal play; Dez didn't know

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Sep 16, 2013.

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    Yes. Painful and true
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    I hope it's not true but I think it may be. They had too many dudes all over that stupid a screen.
    The single dumbest play I've seen.
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    Are you quoting me from the game thread.? That's exactly what I said.
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    How can you keep running the ball when it's giving away a play, he was getting 1 or 2 yards on every carry... He needs to make a couple runs count so Callahan doesn't lose confidence. Murray really needs to step it up, there are more running lanes there than he is making it seem, Dunbar found a lane on his 1 carry but you can't trust him, hopefully Randle has better vision than Murray and Ball security than Dunbar.
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    No. Although we all see Dez one on one with no safety. I'm pretty sure u and the person who likes this are the only 2 in the world who see it this way.
    Dez was killing them. WR screen. Come on I love beer too but you're giving it a bad name.
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    Just late night night misnomer...I know what freaking check downs and audibles are...don't get your panties in a wad.
    In the end, I could care less what it was.
    It was a bad play.
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    Yup. I woulda liked to see more runs but we were in 2nd and long and third and long wayyy too much. We actually moved the ball ok on KC and I'll say it again would have had 22-30 points on them if you take away the mistakes so the playcalling didn't lose the game. We lost by one measly point and lost the turnover battle 2-0.
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    He did go 20-86 for 4.3 vs the G-Men.
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    He did but I feel like he left a lot of yards in that too, since TD said it I can't help but look at it that way.. He really is a straight ahead runner.
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    Has Romo or Callahan said anything about this play?
    From what JG said it seemed like something they thought they'd be exploiting aganis that blitz (I'm assuming images of Kevin Ogletree were dancing in their heads).

    I am a big fan of Romo, and hope he was just hurt or something else was going on, because not doing their own little thing on that play, like they did in pre-season makes no sense. I did hear Dez had a back issue, but don't know if that was or should have been related. If Dez is hurt then put Miles over there one-on-one and use Dez as a decoy. I really think Romo is hurt...even when his numbers were "good" he looked off.
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    I haven't heard Romo or Callahan on the topic, but, yeah, JG was pretty clear that it was a play they thought would be effective at goal line against the blitz. He compared it to the scoring toss to Bowe on our end of the field later in the game, where it's sometimes easier to complete the pass in the field of play and run it in than it is to squeeze it into the end zone against the compressed coverage. I hated the idea, for the record. You've got big guys who can go up and get the ball for you in Dez, Witten, and Escobar. Throw it to one of them and take your chances.

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    No, I'm not joking. Romo, in fact, has always preferred to throw the ball rather then run it. Look at the stats.

    However, you are entitled to you own opinion.
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    Any QB worth anything wants to pass more than run. That's a given. But to say Romo will not use Emmitt if he had him just doesn't make sense. Especially when Romo did use a lesser back when Barber was here.

    ABQCOWBOY Moderator Staff Member

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    Did you look at the stats, as I asked you to do?
  17. Zman5

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    Dallas Cowboys 2007 offense stats.

    531 pass 419 rush. 56% passing 44% rushing.

    So where is this Romo doesn't want to run stat you want me to look at?

    If anything, it's JG who doesn't want to run.
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    Amazing how he avg 4+ last week but can't get a RZ carry the next. With 5 more carries last week he was on pace for a 100 yard game. He gets 12 the next week and sucks. Let him get his rhythm and more importantly let the OL lean on some folks. They love doing it. Not giving your RB any carries at the 5 is inexcusable for a team that said it wanted to stress more running. Just one rush!!!! How is that giving the play? It's possible to run out of the shotgun too! Murray has proven he can wear down a defense, those 3 yard gains take a toll but were to soft to play physical football consistently. Give this teams 28-30 (Murray w/ 25) rushes a game then critique them but its unfair to say they can't if its abandoned. And when I say they, I mean the OL and Murray cuz I know the OL is dying to impose their will too.

    When Murray gets 25+ carries on a consistent basis and only has 60 yards, ill agree. But until then, Romo is the only player allowed to consistently find a rhythm and it hasn't worked yet. Time to try something new!! Just give them a chance to find a rhythm is all I'm asking!
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    Hi Everyone- first time poster. Been waiting for my account to be approved so I could comment on this play.

    This was easily the turning point in the game for me.

    1) They don't throw to Dez, who has been stomping Flowers the whole game. Run a play that s*ucks and settle for 3
    2) Dez is an emotional player. He gets himself worked up over it and is seen pissed off/pouting on the sidelines after.
    3) Following this play, Dez breaks free up the sidelines and drops a pass where he'd still be running now if he caught it. Was Dez's emotional state still in the toilet after #1?
    - This potentially took 11 points off the scoreboard for the cowboys- 4 more for getting the TD instead of the FG in #1 above, 7 for Dez catching the ball and taking it to the house in #2)
    4) Romo is a bit distraught after Dez drops a sure TD from #2, and can't hit a pass in the late 3rd qtr/early 4th qtr. Everything was behind the receivers or over their head. The offense was embarrassing at this point

    Dez could have had a break out game, similar to what Miles Austin had in 09 in KC. That diving catch he made in the 1st or 2nd qtr was one of the best I have every seen a Cowboy make (fan since 1970 when I was 7). Dez could have literally taken this game over if they kept going to him.

    I haven't watched the video of the play again- but it didn't even look like Romo LOOKED to Dez's side of the field when he came to the line on the play in question.
    I have trouble bashing Romo. He's carried this team on his back in many games and taken a beating- I can't forget he beat SF a couple of years ago with a punctured lung and a couple of cracked ribs.
    Regardless, he blew it on this play and then stunk it up in the late 3rd qtr/early 4th qtr when they had a chance to come back.
    Also, Dunbar really ***** things up. He breaks off a couple of nice runs then coughs it up- ruining any confidence we had in him.

    Moving forward:
    - Hopefully we got all the junk out of our system in this one game. Romo, Dez, and Dunbar screwing up.
    - The Cowboys need to learn when they have their foot on the other teams throat, to KEEP it there. KC could have been taken out of this game in the first half.
    - It would be amazing to have a two headed monster with Dunbar and Murray the way we sorta did with Felix Jones and Barber in '09
    - We must crush the Rams this week

    Its easy to see the elite teams in the league after two games are the Broncos and the Seahawks- and their defenses are missing key players they will get back in a month or so.

    One positive for the Cowboys is it seems Romo has protection/O-line for the first time in years. And, the stupid penalties are way down (false starts). Also, great to see the ball not getting snapped before Romo is ready.

    Get the running game going.
    I truly believe we can win the division, but we have a long way to go to win in the playoffs

    Got a bit all over the map there, apologies :)
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