News: MacMahon: Jerry Jones ignoring the real issue

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by Risen Star, Jan 10, 2013.

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    That doesn't explain why he chose Dallas. He had other options. He waited for the right one to come along.
  2. Double Trouble

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    He said when he left that changes he made wouldn't last. Ultimately, Jones doing things like pushing Terrell Owens on him led him to leave.

    I'd say Jones gave Parcells every promise and assurance you can imagine, 10 years ago. Jones was desperate to get his stadium built, and a 5-11 team ran by a Dave Campo clone wouldn't get it done. So he acted as though sweeping changes were coming and convinced Parcells to come. And that's essentially right out of Jones' mouth, not opinion.

    Jones will never again be under such pressure to change. The stadium is a giant ATM for him.

    I think Parcells needed $$$. I'd say that $4-5M a year options weren't there for him like they had been, he'd burned too many bridges, and Parcells knew it was likely his last coaching gig. And what happened with Parcells? He rebuilt the roster, got fed up with Jones, and left.
  3. Wolfpack

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    Bill was used to a big stage and liked all the attention of him rebuilding a team. Dallas was going to give him the stage, the Owner would spend to rebuild and would pay him a good fee to be there.

    Tampa was too small of a stage...who cares if he rebuilt the Bucs?
  4. Risen Star

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    I guess when I actually see the Cowboys fail to get a head coach they want I'll start to believe coaches don't want to come here. It's never happened before. I'm quite confident if Garrett was gone this year and Payton left the Saints he'd have come here. Holmgren is begging to come here. Gruden would come here. It's probably his #1 choice.
  5. Risen Star

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    And that's exactly why the big name head coaches will come to Dallas. Their egos covet winning on this big stage.

    The next head coach to win a title here will be the biggest thing in the coaching world.
  6. wileedog

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    Bill was promised control, and more than any other coach since Jimmy was given it. At least for a couple of years, until the itch became unbearable for Jerry and he brought in T.O., and then things started to come apart again.

    The relief from Jerry when Bill walked out the door was palpable. Like an addict finding his lost stash.

    Only way we get another football guy is if Jerry admits he needs to step back again, and then that guy doesn't remember its just temporary. Which from the looks of this offseason, will be never.
  7. ManicDepressiveMan

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    Wow, that was one of the harshest articles on Jerry that I've ever read.



  8. Risen Star

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    Yeah, it'll take Jerry stepping back like he did with Parcells. Something he's done, so he's capable of doing it again. At least in my opinion.
  9. wileedog

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    Like any addict, Jerry needs to hit rock bottom again. So I think it will take 1 or 2 abysmal 2009 type drafts and couple of 4-10, 5-11 seasons to make that happen. Considering the media has already turned on Jerry pretty badly the past few seasons, I think the heat may get ratcheted up enough at that point for him to look in the mirror again.

    But don't forget, most people speculate the only reason he stepped back for Parcells was to get his palace/stadium approved and built. He's already got that now.
  10. Flinger

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    "The process of turning a man with a spine into a Jerry puppet apparently takes two seasons without a playoff bid."

    Without being in the meetings between Jerry and Garrett, we may be making assumptions that Jerry is the puppeteer working behind the curtain. But, it may have been Garrett.

    But, if Jones is the puppeteer - Garrett hasn't turned wooden, yet. I just hope his nose doesn't get bent out of joint...

  11. Sasquatch

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    I think Jerry would do well to heed the sagacious advice of another famous surgically-altered individual.

  12. Risen Star

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    He's got the stadium built but he's also got father time working against him. At some point I have to believe he gets desperate enough, knowing he's not for long, to bring in some sanity. Of course he'll still be the GM and all that but the head coach will have the power Parcells had.

    Frankly, if it meant landing Payton or Holmgren this offseason, I think he would do that now.

    I look at it like we can win with Jerry, we just can't ever win because of him. He's got to be dragged there by his subordinates. Which is why he's such a terrible GM.
  13. AKATheRake

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    Despite all the responses there is some serious truth to this. :lmao2:
  14. AKATheRake

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    :facepalm: Any more losing and he might promote Red to GM.

    The more we lose, the more the guy gets promoted.
  15. dadymat

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    another creative Lil Timmy joint
  16. ravidubey

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    I don't see anyone not currently working for the Patriots who could be that guy.

    Holmgren maybe.

    But Jerry is in love with both himself and his current puppet, leaving Dallas with only a puncher's chance to win.

    I actually believe Dallas can edge into the playoffs this season because the Jones family will be forced to upgrade both offensive and defensive lines, something they've let rot for years now.
  17. T-RO

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    The post-Jimmy 128-128 record is very deceptive, IMO. In reality Jerry has been much worse than that.

    Here are 3 things, obscuring the truth.

    -There were several years where the Cowboys were riding the residue of a dominant team that Jimmy built. They stacked up some wins in those 3 years after Jimmy left.

    -Parcells seasons were winning years...but they were temporary as Jerry was only ceding control to manipulate the metroplex into helping fund his staydyim. (by his own confession)

    -Romo. Whether or not Tony can win the big one is a valid debate. Whether Tony's talent has masked the weakness of these teams over the past 5 years, and win a surprising number of games... is not really much to debate. Valley Ranch completely lucked out in acquiring T-Ro.
  18. DavidS

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    Why would anyone read that morons articles is beyond me...
  19. Risen Star

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    Outstanding post. You are very right.

    Of course people will say Jerry made the decision to hire Jimmy and Parcells, but the truth of the matter is when he's left to act as GM on his own, he's much worse than a .500 type GM. Much worse.

    That's important now because there isn't a Jimmy or Parcells in the room. It's Jerry. And Stephen. The same geniuses that gave you the Campo years.

    That's what's been so alarming to me with what we seem to be doing now. I don't know if Jason Garrett can build a team or not, but I do know the Jones' can't. So if the approach is more of them and less of Garrett, well.....starting thinking about a top 10 pick in the 2014 draft.
  20. silver

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    “There's an old saying in Tennessee — I know it's in Texas, probably in Tennessee — that says, fool me once, shame on — shame on you. Fool me — you can't get fooled again.”
    ― George W. Bush

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