Macy's makes big jewelry mistake

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    So, Macy's was running one of it's usual ads for Jewelry. They had a $1,500 necklace(diamond accents, silver,14k gold) marked down to $479 for the sale. The editors apparently didn't look at/notice that the ad said $47 instead. Somehow missing the last 9, they printed the 44 page ad and ran it. Robert Bernard took the ad with him to the mall to try and see if they would actually sell it at that price. He arrived and found that they were, unfortunately the customer in front of him bought every necklace of that style that they had in stock. So the clerk placed an order for him and he left with reciept in hand. Two days later a Macy's call center called to explain the necklaces were supposed to be $479 and that bc of the mistake the order had been cancelled.

    Granted, a lot of these jewelry stores jack up the price on their merchandise, and run a sale 98% of the year on it so that you get a "savings" which is known as high/low marketing. Still the editor gaffe cost the company quite a bit of money. They took a 400+ loss on each item sold at that price.
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    Happens all the time on slickdeals.

    Pretty much just results in every order being cancelled.

    Something marked online wrong, instead of getting a couple and being happy, people order hundreds and even sometimes thousands and expect it to go unnoticed.
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    That is a lot of lost money though.

    If you assume they have 20 on hand, they lost $8640 dollar b/c of this. They most likely had more than that.
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    I wonder if that clerk got fired?

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