Madden 07 1st Round Pick Screen Shots *Complete*

Discussion in 'Artwork Zone' started by StevenOtero, Apr 29, 2006.

  1. StevenOtero

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    What a tard. THERE IS PROOF.
  2. Payton34Smith22

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    Very Nice, but Damn I miss 2K....:( :banghead:
  3. TheOneROWilliE

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    madden is way better than 2k. no comp.
  4. DCowboyz

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    The regular Madden PS2/XBOX graphics are much better than the 360.

    Any-who, Madden owns ESPN 2K5.. Don't know why people liked that game.
  5. the kid 05

    the kid 05 Individuals play the game, but teams beat the odds

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    madden 2006...[​IMG]

    NFL 2k6


    you be the judge.....
  6. Slyster

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    When people say that the graphics havent changed means that they are still use the samne player models. The only thing I can tell is that the image is more clear and defined which automaticly comes with better hardware but it looks like the same models to me.

    The Maddens on the PS2 and Xbox never changed graphicly. Same game year in year out with updated rosters and some lame gimmick.
  7. Slyster

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    Considering you are comparing a game on the 360 to one on the Xbox isnt something to be proud of. If 2K was able to make a NFL game it would blow Madden away again. The 2K series have always been 1 and 2 years ahead of EA. They just never had enough money to build a hype train every year like EA does.

    That screenshot of Eli just shows that EA has now clue what they are doing when it comes to player models. He looks like a demonic body builder..

    Edit : Some of the screenshots look good but so did the last version and it played like crap. Clunky , Clunky , Clunky.
  8. boydhopkins

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    I liked 2k5 i thought it was a pretty decent game with some very interesting features like first person football...but what it had in features it lacked in out of game playability, what do i mean by that? The franchise mode was long and boring, it seemed like no matter what you did you were over the cap in 5 years, it used the same pictures for the players just some bad changes to them. The crib was a terrible idea...All i'm saying is that if 2k5 was such a baller *** game how come people still pay twice the amount to play Madden? Dont get me wrong for 20 bucks it was a fun game and a good value, but how many people would have gladly paid 50 for it, hell who would even pay 30 for it? I wouldnt, I would stick with the name I trust, because madden always gives me plenty of entertainment. That is all
  9. Slyster

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    Out of game playability? I thought the main reason to buy a football game is to play football? It seems that you arent up to date on how to build a franchise. Its always through the draft and you have to release overpriced veterans. I use the Bills and I had to release Eric Moulds , Willis McGahee and Mike Williams. I knew I could get the same production with other players ( I play every game ). I was always about 5 - 10 million under the cap just incase I had to to pick up someone from free agency because of an injury.

    I didnt care much for the crib either but some of the items you were able to get were pretty cool.

    People always gotto what they are familiar with and thats why TakeTwo lowered the price to 20$. They knew they had a product that was equal to or superior than Madden and the game sold like hotcakes. I mean 2K5 had better reviews just about everywhere. It was the first year than 2K5 outsold Madden on any console ( crushed it on the Xbox and was nipping on its heals on the PS2 ). They took millions of people away from Madden with 2K5. I think EA sold around 10 million copies of Madden the previous year and then it dropped all the way down to 6 million the next ( numbers are totals from all platforms and considering Madden was on alot more platforms than 2K5 was it is a huge drop in sales ).

    EA bought the NFL rights because they knew they couldnt hold off the 2K series any longer just by name alone. Especially with them recycling the previous years game and using it over and over like they did through 2001 - 2006 ( Xbox , PS2 , PC ect. ).

    I think the NFL will soon realize their mistake and use a loop hole to opt out of the contract.
  10. GhettoxCowboy

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    was up with some of them screen shots of the new players on madden 07? some of the players have numbers tthat they are not even gonna b wearing this year lol . im still getting the game though been buyin them games 4 years now..
  11. actual29

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    2k5 was better than madden 05
    madden 06 did step it up tho imo
    the qb vision was a good idea

    i jus pulled out the 2k5 again cuz my madden broke :(
    and it was a good idea
    i used an new rosters (post draft) and i love it

    love bein able to play 2k5 w/ the most up to date rosters
    becuz it is a great game

    the game cuts/presentation is far superior to maddens

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