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Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by Afigueroa22, May 15, 2012.

  1. Afigueroa22

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    For those of you who are interested, here are the improvements over last year's game.

  2. Trendnet

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    Any improvements to franchise mode?

    Or is it just more of the same, like "look how we made the stadium lights create more realistic shadows!!!11!!!"?
  3. MonsterD

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    I understand how you feel but they did make some decent improvements last year. But yeah there are a lot of things they have to fix, i.e. bad player creations, impossible trades etc.
  4. CashMan

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    I think they need to make the drafting more realistic. I usually wait, until someone cracks it, and has all the players typed in a spread sheet showing what their rankings are, but this is because a lot of 1st rd picks are usually ranked in the 60s.
  5. Muhast

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    They used to have the most unrealistic players available in the drafts a few years ago. I think it was Madden 11. I drafted 3 players in one draft who were 6'7 WR's with 90+ speed and Acceleration. They had low awareness to compensate but it really didn't matter for the WR's in the game as long as you didn't pick an option route. It was insane lol.

    Also because Madden doesn't seem to have a random generated player draft, you can save the game, draft, go through all of the rookies ratings and then re-load the game before the draft and know exactly what attributes every rookie has.

    And lastly the ultimate Madden bug still exists. You can change a player's position and either improve or drop their ratings substantially still. You can sign an OLB ratings in the 60's and move him to DE and his ratings jump up to the mid 70's. Or similarly you can change a player like say Jared Allen to QB and his ratings drop from 97 to about a 12, you can then trade next to nothing for him and then simply change his position back. Also you can cheat the game by doing that to players on your team when it's time to re-sign them. Switch Ware to QB so he is a 12 overall, sign him to a low deal and switch him back you now have a 98 overall player for 1 million a year or w/e.

    Basically the fact that you can change current players positions opens up the game for a ton of cheating which takes a lot of the fun away. I typically play 3-4 seasons normally and start getting bored so I mix it up for a while and pull off some crazy trades. I then get bored of that and start a new season from scratch and play legit, and then the circle continues.

    They really need to take that feature off completely lol
  6. MonsterD

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    It's worse than that now, they let you edit every aspect of a player. I haven't touched that one because it makes drafting /FA obsolete.
  7. Afigueroa22

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    Yeah I am guilty of this as well. You can find a more condensed version of this from other users on Youtube. I didn't post them because they use profanity.
  8. StevenOtero

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    It's easy to not put the effort into a game when they've locked out the competition with an exclusive NFL license.
  9. Illini88228

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    Aren't you just cheating yourself when you change positions to make trades/cheaper resigns. You're doing this for fun remember. I like that you can change their positions. Some players do change. If you couldn't you'd be at the mercy of how each player is used on the team they play for now. Especially with Linebacker/Defensive ends that is unnecessarily restricting. Do you think because Mario Williams was a linebacker last year for the Texans at 285 that he should be locked in as a linebacker forever?
  10. gbrittain

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    I have a hard time feeling any sympathy for those who complain about Madden. :)

  11. CashMan

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    I think what the guy was saying, is when you have a linebacker who is rated 66 overall, and it is time to resign, you resign him, switch him to DE he changes to like 78 overall and you trade him for a 3rd rd pick.
  12. Illini88228

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    But if you don't like that the position switch inflates his trade value, then why change his position before you trade him? His complaint seemed to be that the game had flaws that you could take advantage of to gain an edge over the computer, but why not just not change Jared Allen to quarterback before you trade for him? The Vikings would demand a reasonable amount in return for Jared Allen as a defensive end.
  13. tupperware

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    This is what I was thinking. Sure it's probably more of a 'bug' in the game or an exploit so to speak than an actual cheat, but just like a cheat you've got to do your own part to make it happen. Don't abuse the system by changing around positions and all will be fine.
  14. CATCH17

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    Fifa > Madden
  15. TheCount

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    Last year's franchise mode was the best they ever had. I gave madden **** for years because they always just recycled the same junk, but Franchise was much improved last year. Everything from scouting to unlocking player rankings, drafting, etc.

    I think they still need to work on the presentation of Franchise mode. After you've done a number of seasons you just stop caring about winning the Superbowl because its the same thing every year. They need to figure out a way to track storylines and track player performance from game to game in a meaningful way.

    If my #1 receiver hasn't scored a TD or had a 100 yard game 7 games into the season, the announcers should be bringing that up. If my starting LT goes down in week 1 and is out for the year, when my QB gets sacked they should bring that up.

    As it stands, if your 99 rated QB goes down and is out and you'e got some scrub rated 56 in there, it never even registers. If I've got 4 LB's all rated 90+, the quality of my linebacking core should be brought up.

    As it stands each game is still treated like a regular, individual game, not part of an actual season. It's terrible.

    They went through all the trouble of putting hot and cold streaks in the game, but the announcer doesn't even bother to mention that your WR had caught a TD in 5 straight games? Or that your RB is leading all RB's in yards?
  16. JonJon

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    Definitely some good improvements to the overall game... much more than they usually do. I think some of the player frustrations, especially online, will be solved in this game. I'm selling Madden 12 on eBay and I'm gonna convert that money to buy Madden 13.

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