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  1. superpunk

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    Impressions? Current gen, next gen, whatever - what do you guys think about it.

    I've been playing both since midnight, and I've got to say current gen kills next gen for fun and reality of play. They finally fixed the DBs so far as I can tell, and you can actually get running lanes instead of a cluster of blocker who just happen to get out of the way at the right time.

    Nextgen? PS3 is choppy and unrealistic. It only looks nice during replays. Seriously disappointed with NG, but CG is a freaking blast.
  2. Achozen

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    Meh. I'd rather play a real football game.

    *cough* All Pro Football *cough*
  3. superpunk

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    Let's not get into that crazy discussion, lol.

    If we want to have a Madden vs All-Pro debate, I'm sure we can find another thread to do it in. :) I just want to know what my people who have been up all night being madden degenerates think of the game.

    For the PS2 version, I was happy. They fixed some things that needed fixing. It runs smoother and the AI is better. For NG, I was woefully underwhelmed.
  4. Mavs Man

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    I don't own a next gen, but I have friends that do. I still think the players on both Madden (and All-Pro, for that matter) look funny (not funny ha ha, funny weird), and the gameplay is sometimes "choppy" for lack of a better word (move way too fast, then slow down). Next gen menus are better.

    I vote current gen so far, though all I have is an XBox.
  5. Yeagermeister

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    My copy for the pc should be waiting on me when I get home. I'll let you know.
  6. Vintage

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    Can you edit the player rosters on the current gen?
  7. carphalen5150

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    I usually wait awhile to get Madden. I have always enjoyed the NCAA series better, so when I am bored with it then I go out and get a copy of Madden.
  8. Duane

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    Same with me. I find playing NCAA much more fun than Madden but end up getting Madden used after football season is over.
  9. carphalen5150

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    I played two seasons with Virginia in a dynasty and went 12-1 and 11-2. It was actually more challenging for me this year than last year.
  10. Joshmvii

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    I got it on Xbox 360 at midnight last night, and it is by far the best Madden ever. It plays about 100 times more realistically than it ever has before. The animations are ridiculous. I ran a fade to T.O. against single coverage and he literally leapt up and 1 handed the ball over Mike Mckenzie. It was beautiful.

    That, and the gang tackling and low hit sticking means I can actually cut guys legs like Roy does in real life.
  11. coogrfan

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    Agreed, for pure on the field gameplay the 360 version is by far the best Madden to date. The PS3 version is similar, but suffers from the same framerate issues (360 runs at 60 fps, PS3 only 30) as the PS3 versions of NCAA and APF. I have read that EA expects to have Madden 09 running at 60 fps on both next-gen consoles, but for this year it's no contest.
  12. TheKey

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    I got it at midnight, it plays really fast. You better be ready to throw the ball when you snap it. The presnap contols are better than ever, individual controls for every player. Great game IMO.
  13. Meat-O-Rama

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    Looking forward to picking up a copy on my way home tonight for the Wii. Will report back later...
  14. Danny White

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  15. WarC

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    Heya Yeagermeister,

    Please, hook a forum up with some Madden PC impressions!! I've been reading xbox 360 and PS3 reviews all day, but not a word on the PC side.

    I'm crossing my fingers that it'll be good and they don' skimp out...For instance, in Madden 06 (and I think in 07 as well), you could not play Franchise Mode with a custom-made team for the PC, but you could with the PS2 and xbox. What a jip!

    I've been playing Madden 07 again for the last couple days because of the NFL preseason goodness and in anticipation for Madden 08!

    Football > Other Aspects Of Life
  16. superpunk

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    Great post DW - that is what the nextgen is really missing.
  17. coogrfan

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    Good times. Back then you could also hit opposing players after the whistle. I had a buddy whose entire defensive strategy revolved around late hitting my skill players until he knocked one out. :cool:
  18. Rampage

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    how is it for ps2?
  19. WarC

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    Yeah, the best Madden memories came from that 90-95 period before they went 3D. Graphically atroctious but a whole lotta fun.

    I remember scoring rushing TD after rushing TD with Emmitt by bouncing to the outside with the 1st player running directly behind me with the QB, thereby "blocking" a whole mass of defensive players. It was the most Herculean thing I've ever seen a QB do! Worked almost every time, too.
  20. superpunk

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    I'm enjoying it more on PS2 than on PS3. The defensive AI is better. It looks exactly the same, but they fixed the gameplay which is what I am concerned about always. The DBs make alot more plays on the ball.

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