News: Mailbag: Do you agree with the mock drafts that the Cowboys would pick Prince?

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by CCBoy, Mar 2, 2011.

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    TONY YOUNG - ALPHARETTA, GA: Do you agree with the mock drafts that the Cowboys would pick Nebraska's Prince Amukamara with the 9th pick? Might they move him to safety?

    Rob: He sure looks like a corner to me. I wouldn't move him to safety just because it's a bigger need position this year. Couldn't the Cowboys use a big, physical tackler at corner, too? Prince certainly looks worthy of a top-10 pick, especially because top-end corners aren't easy to find. The Cowboys do have bigger needs, especially this year, assuming Newman, Jenkins and Scandrick are all back. Offensive line, defensive line and safety (scarce first-round prospects) are ahead on my list. But if Prince is there at 9 and he's easily the highest-rated guy left on their board, they should take him. Don't reach just for need.

    Josh: As he said this weekend, he thinks he's better at cornerback. If you move him, you get into the same problems you did with Alan Ball in that he's going to be thinking too much because it's not his natural spot. The same thing with moving Terence Newman, probably. So, the question becomes, is he right at or near the top of your board at No. 9, and who else is there? If there are a lot of guys who are comparable then, considering everything this team needs, I really might be looking for trade-down opportunities...
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    Couldn't the Cowboys use a big, physical tackler at corner, too?

    I don't know if I want a CB that is known more for tackling than coverage.

    Wasn't that Roy Williams 31, only at SS?
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    I always have my favorite pets in the draft, and right now I'd love to see one of the great DL slip to us or I'd like to see us trade down for an OL and an extra #2.

    However, I trust the guys in charge...Prince sounds like he's an entire tier below Peterson, but if they go that route, so be it....but I don't imagine it would happen up at #9.
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    All those mocks predicting Amukamara going to Big D in the draft could very easily be all for naught, especially so, since Prince ran so well at the Indy combine. Ideally, I'd like to see Dallas trade down and pick up an extra 2nd or 3rd round pick. It could enable us to acquire the OT we need and perhaps get a decent safety and/or cornerback in the following rounds. The corners seem fairly plentiful this year and it seems a good one can likely be had in the 2nd or even 3rd round. You've really gotta like the size of the CB crop this year with many bettering 6-ft. and displaying admirable skills.
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    Based off what I've read and seen thus far, I give Prince a resounding 'Meh!' The 9th pick overall might be a bit of a reach for him. Perhaps that's just my take due to my immediate comparison between him and Patrick Peterson, but there's seem to be quite a bit more talent in the lower 1st all the way to the fourth, which is why a trade down may very well not be likely, due to the lack of suitors willing to make that trade.
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    I would rather take DL,OL or trade down. I don't see Prince being anything amazing worthy of him being taken at 9. Our needs are much bigger else where and CB's can be taken in the later rounds.
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    Like many others I've seen Prince to Dallas @ #9 - but count me as one who's not a big fan.

    I'm probably dreaming, but hopeful NE sees a player they really want and are willing to swing a deal w/Dallas.

    If Prince is there and there's no DL worthy of #9, I'd vote for a trade down.
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    Really ?

    Did this guy just compare moving a consensus first round pick to the safety position to moving 7th round pick Alan Ball from CB to Safety ?

    For real ?

    Does anyone else recognize the problem with that comparison ?


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