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    Art Brozell - Pittsburgh, PA: It seems like there is never a lot of talk about special teams, but the Cowboys could use a big spark on punt returns and kickoff returns. What are their best options as of today?

    Nick: That's the problem. The Cowboys don't always use the best option. The best option is Dez Bryant, at least on punt returns. He's the most dynamic. He nearly won the game in Arizona with a big return that was called back. His return against Miami put them in a good position to drive down and win. He's a playmaker. But he's the starting receiver, too. So if we factor all that in, then the best options are guys Dwayne Harris on both punts and kickoffs and maybe Felix Jones on kickoff returns. I'd like to see Lance Dunbar get a shot, too.

    Josh: If it were up to me, Felix Jones would be the kickoff returner, and Dez Bryant would be the punt returner, regardless of situation. It's as simple as that. Now, Bryant has to be disciplined about when to field the ball and when to let it bounce, as he's made some mistakes in that regard in the past, but there's no one I would trust more to make a clean catch or break a return. I said it last year and I'll say it again here: this team isn't going to be good enough to just pass on the chance for big returns.
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    Not after Roger Goodell gets through with him.

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