Man jailed (now released) for not supporting someone else's child

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    Thu Jul 16, 3:48 am ET
    ADEL, Ga. – A Georgia man spent more than a year behind bars for failing to pay child support for a child that wasn't his, but he was released after DNA tests showed he wasn't the father.

    Frank Hatley, 50, had been jailed since June 2008 for not making payments, but two separate DNA tests in the last nine years showed he was not the father of the boy, who is now 21.

    Southern Center for Human Rights attorney Sarah Geraghty won Hatley's release at a hearing Wednesday in Superior Court. A court order has also relieved him of his financial obligation to the Georgia Department of Human Resources.

    "State child support officials have shown extraordinarily poor judgment in Mr. Hatley's case," Geraghty said.

    Although Hatley was freed from making future payments after a 2001 hearing, Superior Court Judge Dan Perkins had ordered him to continue making $16,000 in back payments. He paid $6,000 of that before being laid off from his job.

    Perkins ordered Hatley's immediate release Wednesday after determining that he was indigent. Although he was released, Hatley's paternity case is still unresolved. No future hearings are scheduled.

    "Out of it all, I just feel like justice should be served for me in this case," Hatley told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution shortly after his release. "I shouldn't have to keep being punished for a child that is not mine."

    Hatley had a relationship with Essie Lee Morrison, who had a baby in 1987 and told Hatley the child was his, according to court records. The couple never married and split up shortly afterward.

    In 1989, Morrison applied for public assistance through the state Department of Human Resources. Hatley agreed to reimburse the state because he believed the boy was his.

    Documents show Hatley paid at least $9,500.

    But in 2000, DNA samples showed the two were not related, according to court records. A test earlier this month confirmed that.
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    That guy has my sympathy vote. For some reason, I felt like pumping my fist in victory after reading the article haha -- the same way I do after hearing "you are NOT the father" on the Maury show....and in my own paternity suits (I kid, I kid).

    ...something needs to happen to the mother of that child. She probably knew that the child was not his, yet she went forward and got child support payments from him anyways.... I think he should counter sue, if at all possible, to get his money back.
  3. Sam I Am

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    It's proven that he *isn't* the father and he still has to pay missed payments? Did I read that right?
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    Heh, I have the same reaction when watching Maury. I always feel so happy for the dudes when they're right and it turns out it's not their baby. Even the guys who are like "I love her, I hope it's my child"... I don't even feel sorry for them.

    I have no idea why every male seems to root for other males in their paternity suits.
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    What kind of relationship did he have with the kid? Was he involved at all in his life other than sending child support?
  6. LehighCowboy

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    For me, it's because I'm angry that women are always played off as victims in paternity suits -- it's always "he's abandoning's his fault, not mine" and never "I guess it's my fault for having unprotected sex with 10 different men in a span of a week, so maybe I should be more careful next time...and stop being such a whore." Then, when the men are found to be "innocent" after the women run their mouths for hours about how they are the victims in teh situation and that the man is to blame, I feel as if justice has been served. lol
  7. Temo

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    The celebrations are classic too. The only other time I see grown men show so much joy is after a sports team wins the championship :laugh2:
  8. bbgun

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    That's almost always the case, though. Duped or not, if you raised the child as your own, the interest$ of the child will always trump DNA. File it under "life ain't fair."
  9. big dog cowboy

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  10. Joe Rod

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    I hope this guy throws a Civil Suit on that lady something fierce. What a deplorable waste of space.
  11. DFWJC

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    The interest of the child always comes 1st, uh, I mean always ahead of any male involved....but not necessarily 1st. :)

    That was tongue-in-cheek so don't hammer me...I know it can cut both ways when the court is not involved.

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    In California, if you marry a woman with a kid(s) then ya'll get a divorce, they still make the step-dad pay child support for kids that aren't his, and they don't care.
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    I don't think that's true, at least not in a general sense like you stated it.
  14. vta

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    That's pretty horrible and under the circumstances, I don't think jail time would have been warranted even if he were the father. He lost his job, he didn't run away and hide.
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    An even worse story(100% true): some guy's wife cheated on him and got pregnant. She never told him. Somehow, he found out the kid wasn't his and divorced her because of her infidelity. She sued him for child support and won. The court said it was his responsibility to pay for the kid because he was married to her at the time. The "real" father of the kid paid nothing.

    How about them apples?
  16. DFWJC

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    Cali is not considered at all a Dad-friendly state as this stuff goes.

    There is a well documented story of a guy having wages (nearly 2 years!) garnished for not paying child support when all he had was the same name as the one accussed of being "dad". He did not even live in the same part of the state! It took forever for him to get it resolved and the state did not make the women reimburse the payments because it would not be in the bestr interest of the child.
    There many more stories like that out there.

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