Man shot over texting in movie theater

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    Actually, the violent crime rate in America is up for the second straight year. I realize you stipulated "Western World" but since this discussion is about the US, it seems prudent to point that out.
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    Thanks buddy - things are well enough, though NYC isn't getting any warmer or cheaper and can't think of anywhere else i'd rather live so I have that to deal with :)

    Given your a mod please feel free to delete this if it is construed as political (though I do miss those crazy days on CZ)
    Its interesting in that I work in very international firm -just within earshot of me are americans, Indians, cuban guy, chinese, russian, russian-chinese, ecuador, australia, italian, british, french, japanese, iranian, ukranian, sri lankan, and on and on - and first generation americans from some of those places, like myself being indian. Its so interesting to hear people from all over and their take with the USA and foreign to them, regardless of what other nonsense might be happening in their neck of the woods. I know some of them have mentioned how people sometimes are scared to travel here because of that (you know all the gun violence shown on the news skews the impression).

    Sadly I think you're right - between the fact they are already out there in mass numbers and the ridiculously easy access - its not turning around anytime soon. That's why a school shooting as non "Front page news" is so disheartening.

    Yeah and for sure something more is going on if someone is willing to end a life over something so trivial...and that's the scariest thing of all!
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    When this argument started, someone should have pulled a gun and shot them both. Interrupting a movie or even movie trailers in completely unacceptable.
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    The numbers set out therein tend to dispute what you claim. I acknowledge it is wikipedia but in the box on the right, it seems the violent numbers are down or at worst stayed the same in 2011 and 2012.

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