Mannings arm strength

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by dfense, Feb 3, 2014.

  1. dfense

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    Is it just me or has Manning seriously lost velosity since his neck problems.

    I didn't see him throw a single deep out. Any pass really over 20 yds was inaccurate. It seemed Seattle knew to sit 10 yds off the ball and just drill the crossing receiver on the pick play 3 yard catch and run routes.

    The two deep balls Manning threw, he had to really wind up and launch it.
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  2. khiladi

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    He's definitely lost strength. Part of the problem though was the pressure up front. Manning didn't have any time,
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  3. theogt

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    He looked bad yesterday. But he didn't look like that all season, when obviously he had a record breaking season. He's never been one to constantly throw long balls, but this year wasn't much different than seasons' past for him in that regard. For example, he only completed 4 fewer passes thrown over 20 yards in 2013 compared to 2004 (his best statistical season before 2013).
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  4. theSHOW

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    The highlite of Peytons night was the 2 point conversion capping his lone touchdown. 43-8 lol
  5. LatinMind

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    No he hasnt. Where theres a guy in your face every time you throw, youre going to see what we saw lastnight
  6. yentl911

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    I don't know if it really matters to be honest. I think it is overrated IMHO. Joe Montana did not have a superb arm but had ice in his veins, was deadly accurate and if my memory serves me correctly, he was pretty successful. Stabler didn't;t have a strong arm. Just a couple of guys that came to mind.
  7. mahoneybill

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    Watching a recent documentary on Jerry Rice , it was very apparent Montana knew where to place the ball for Rice. Rice was always in stride, or the ball was always beyond the DB's reach so Rice could run under it.

    You didn't see him having to out leap guys like so many of todays stars ( Megatron, Dez to a degree)

    DEMARC0MURRAY29 Active Member

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    if 55 TD's and 5000+ yards is losing "arm strength" then sign me up
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  9. manster4ever

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    kind of sad to see....he and his team were just DOMINATED.
  10. Chocolate Lab

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    Exactly. His arm has declined over the years, as will happen to any 37 year old. But last night he looked 10 years older, with weak velocity and lousy accuracy. By no means was that the 2013 regular season Manning.

    And it wasn't all Seattle -- he missed some passes when he was barely pressured. He just looked old and bad.
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  11. ninja

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    The arm strength wasn't there last night. I didn't notice much zip on his passes and I noticed more arc on the ball. The last few games his throws seemed a lot weaker than usual. I'm sure the long season of throwing the ball a lot took its toll on his arm. I'm guessing the doctors will tell him to get a lot of rest on the arm. The Broncos might want to limit his throws in preseason if, in fact, his arm is getting tired.

    He isn't getting any younger and his arm won't be getting any stronger. And he won't be getting any faster, either.

    I don't know what it is with Tom Brady but his arm seems to be getting stronger. However, his accuracy started to tail off a little bit.
  12. theSHOW

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    18 has fine arm strength. But he looked like Eli out there and was not using his noggin strength. The Cowboys can learn from this and copy the many areas that work for the Hawks.
  13. trueblue1687

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    He still has plenty left. He was playing against an unbelieveable defense and his own mistakes (as well as several by other teammates). Nothing wrong with his arm strength.
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  14. casmith07

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    No, he's never had a big arm. He's always beaten people with timing, command of the offensive scheme, and smarts.
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  15. hra8700

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    His arm has been diminished for a while now. He cant get much velocity on them when he is off platform. He hasnt had to face much pressure this year (mostly because of how good he is presnap calling pressure schemes and getting the ball out quick), but against the hawks he did and he couldnt get any zip on it off his back foot.
  16. CyberB0b

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    Most of his ducks were because he was hit. He has never had a cannon for an arm.
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  17. perrykemp

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    Heck, Manning came out of Tennessee with an average arm. It's never been about his arm.

    Can you imagine IF Manning had a bazooka arm like Favre, Elway, etc?
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  18. Denim Chicken

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  19. BoysFan4ever

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    He has nerve damage in his arm due to his surgeries. So yes he has lost strength in his arm.
  20. dexternjack

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