Mannings arm strength

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by dfense, Feb 3, 2014.

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    On the second interception where his arm got hit you could see him close his eyes before he let go of the ball. He was pretty jumpy all day.
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    Football is a simple game. Denver got stomped in the trenches. Win in the trenches and 95% of the time you win the game. Arm strength is meaning less when you are wearing two defenders and your guys are covered.
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    Some of it was loss of arm strength however that Seattle pressure was outstanding!

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    That's why arm strength is important. To beat that kind of pressure, you have to be able to lay the ball out accurately and allow your WRs to run to it. Beat the blitz that way and you can kill pressure from the Blitz, as we all know. However, most of the time, Seattle was only using 4 guys so that's just domination up front.

    I will say this, Manning did have guys open deep. He missed them consistently, even when he was not under pressure.
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    I don't care what kind of arm strength you have when the pressure is there it's going to be a long day, especially for immobile QB's like Manning and Brady.

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    No, Brady beats the blitz more times then not. The thing with Brady is when he doesn't have talent that can get open. It's usually not that the pressure gets to him before he can beat you.
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    He lost to the Giants (twice in the Super Bowl) and the Ravens (in the AFC championship game) because the pressure was all in his grill...

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    Yeah, what's your point? One man does not beat a team. The statement was about pressure and you mentioned Brady. I simply said that if Brady has decent WRs, he will beat the blitz or the pressure more then the pressure will get to him. That's still a true statement, regardless of the Ravens or Giants in the Super Bowl.

    And please, correct me if I'm wrong but in each of those games, the Giants came back late to win the game. That is not a matter of Brady not being able to beat the defense. That's a matter of the Pats defense not being able to stop the Giants, correct?
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    We all saw the key to a winning team -- a balanced team. You can have the greatest offense in the world, but if you don't have a decent defense then the game is up for grabs and it becomes a shoot-out - assuming both QB's are good. I saw many a game like that between Brady and Peyton. The problem with Peyton is that he folds in the big games. His one SB win was in Miami on a rainy day. Speaking of that I really think all Super Bowls should be played in a dome where the weather does not have an impact. When I heard New York in February I thought to myself, what a dumb idea. Fortunately the weather was not an issue. But it also could have snowed all day. In Miami during that SB that Peyton did win, it rained all day. To me, that is unacceptable for a Super Bowl. It is also unacceptable to me to have any team in Europe. Sometimes I don't know where Goodell's head is at. Football, as we know it, is an American sport. And thinking 18 games per year - teams have a hard enough time to keep a team together for 16. The guy should be removed. And all these new rules that seem to have created more injury problems rather than fix them. And the refs - not even going there, what a joke. Teams given wins on bad calls.

    As far as Brady, he lost many of his key players on defense, as well as a bunch of no name receivers, who were hurt most of the season. You do with what you have. It is just that simple. But we do have a good OL. I am sure he would even love to see Moss back even if he has slowed down considerably. Better than WR's dropping the ball or simply not running the right routes. I think our defense will be fine once we get back healthy next year. I like our defense right now. We need to resign Talib. But the receiver situation is a joke. And with Gronk hurt all the time at the worst times, well I wonder how much of a force he will be. Belichick owes it to Brady to give him at least one decent WR and hope that is where he goes with free agency. Pay already. Give up Welker for Amendola - oh please already.

    So all teams now go through the draft and the free agency process. And then wait until next year to see if those decisions pan out. You have a number of key decisions to make as well. You are for the most part locked into Romo because of his contract. Build a totally defensive team - ?? Seattle showed the entire league what a good defense can do.

    As far as Peyton, he did not look good. But I really think that had more to do with facing a REALLY good defensive team. And anything outside his comfort zone, or a big game - well, usually he is just not there. I have seen it enough. I know he is good, but it seems not when it counts. I used to laugh to myself when people starting calling him the GOAT. Please already, people cannot think beyond what happened yesterday. You need a QB like Montana (ice in his veins) and just go out and do it regardless of the circumstances. To me, will always be the GOAT. I will not mention Brady - oh, I just did, but I also think he does as well. So we will have him for a couple more years, and that is it. Then it should become rather interesting.

    I miss football already, and we have to wait months before we find out where this is all going to shake out. I do know one thing, it is very hard to win a SB, so Seattle regardless of the talent will have a tough road to repeat. So many variables. But they are a very good team, and will be tough to beat.

    So next year ----
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    Peyton has nerve issues in his throwing arm due to his neck surgeries. It'll never be what it was.

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