Manny Lawson, LA, and AB Analysis

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by marchetta, Aug 11, 2006.

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    I live in Cali, and I'm "forced" to watch ALL SF 49er games (I know, it sucks). The only good part is that I can watch LA, Manny Lawson, and Antonio Bryant play every week. Here's my analysis...

    Manny Lawson: He IS a DeMarcus Ware clone. He's starting for the 49ers, and they use him exactly like we use DW. Lawson stands up on 1st and 2nd downs in a 3-4 scheme, and plays DE in a 4-3 scheme on passing downs. He's looks just as good as DW did early in his rookie year. I'm one who wanted him to be a Cowboy badly, and was initially angry that we passed him up. I understand that we needed a complimentary player to DW rather than another DW, but dang this kid is going to be good. He's actually noticably taller than DW and moves as fluidly. My concern with him was his slim frame, and I thought he wouldn't be able to hold up at the point-of-attack. WRONG! He was never pushed off the LOS. Instead, he consistently played on the Bear's side of the LOS. He provided pressure on nearly every play that he rushed the passer, except when he was running line stunts for his teammates. He's going to have a GREAT year. However, its just the first preseason game, so I may have to reel in my enthusiasm a bit. I just hope Carpenter isn't sitting on the bench to start the season, while Lawson is racking up stats, or we'll be in another Ware vs Merriman debate over Carpentar and Lawson.

    LA: He's the same player he was last year. Great in a confined area, but can't move in space. Playing for the 49ers hurts him, since they run a lot of sweeps. I feel LA may sulk at some point this year, because he doesn't like to be embarrased. And having LA out in the open, trying to lead a sweep, is a sure way to embarrase him. Side note: The sideline reporter was joking that LA wears the largest uniform on the team, and that it had to be custome fitted to his body. He wears a size 50 (whatever that means). She tried it on, and reached down to her ankles, she joked that she could use it as an evening gown.

    AB: Caught everything in sight. Looked REALLY good, and he has that TO ability to instantly turn up field as soon as he catches the ball. He made some leaping catches, and had a really good game. He had around 5 catches for 60 yards in the 1st half. If this kid had it between the ears, he'd be an all pro player by now, and still be wearing a star on his helmet. JMO.

    Alex Smith: I'm only including this analysis because we'll face him this year. Forget the AS you may have seen last year. You know, the one that led the league in ints. Under Norv Turner, this kid has turned it around. The media was criticising him for comparing himself to Troy Aikman a week ago, but now I can see why he was so bold. He was by far the best player in the game, on either team (offense or defense). He made some great throws. There wasn't a throw that he couldn't complete (sideline, comebacks, crossing, dump offs, throwing on the run). The only thing I didn't see was his deep throws. All in all, he was darn near perfect in his play. He could have one of those Carson Palmer type of leaps, where he quickly becomes one of the top QBs in the league. So, get him on your fantasy team while you can.

    These are just my opinions, which are subject to change, since this is only the 1st preseason game, so take it with a grain of salt. However, anyone chalking up our game against them as an "easy" win, shouldn't take this team for granted. Their 1st-teamers owned the Bear's 1st-team during the 1st half.
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    talk about a buzzkill....

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    thanks man!! that was good stuff!! Bryant still frustrates me.. Im glad we let him go, but I always knew he could be a STUD if he wanted.. and I read Alex Smith's stats earlier and I was pretty impressed, and wondering if he looked good, so thanks for the heads up.. and I hope the very best for LA.. I still love the guy..
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    AB for Quincy Morgan is not the high point of Jerry Jones' GM tenure :banghead:

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    curious: how did Dusty Dvoracek and JD Runnells do for the Bears? Im a Sooners fan..
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    oh... my....

    you just had to say that

    my buzz is wearing off faster than the clothes off a h**ker on a friday
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    I am watching 9'ers-Bears right now, and I have to say this game means exactly nothing as the Bears are no where near ready to start the season. It might be a little bit early to start heaping praise on Smith and AB. The Bears have been BAD, and their only saving grace was some excellent play by Brian Griese.
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    Dvoracek has been bad, as in get stood up by the OL and do nothing sort of bad.
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    I think most of us agreed that Lawson would be special, but at some point we have to address the size of our defense, and with a natural Linebacker who has everything you need to play the position.

    I like our guy and will support him. I'm just ready to fast forward to tomorrow night, so I can see my man Bobby in action. AB can be as good as he wants but his attitude is not something I can deal with.

    And same goes for TO..AS long as TO can keep his attitude from destroying the team, I'm on his side.
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    Gee, I remember Reshard Lee having some big pre-season games. I think I saw him selling flowers on Stemmons Freeway last week.
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    He sells flowers too? I saw him selling 8 balls of peruvian marching powder around American Airlines center.
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    I would know, since I bought a few
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    Hell yea, he peddles the best stuff around. I heard Nate Newton was his source.
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    I too live in Cali, about an hour away from San Fran, so I am forced to watch a lot of 49ers game. It is very difficult to do. I watched a little of the game and agree with your analysis. I was impressed with Alex Smith and the sports radio guys before the game were very critical of him. Said he has to show soemthing in these games. People already are calling him a bust if he does not do anything this year. As for Mannny Lawson, I really did get to see much of him, but when I did, he was impressive as was AB. He caught everything in sight and he might be AS go to guy. I was not that impress with LA. I like him but he did not do much tonight. The 49ers did look good against the Bears defense. On side note, I thought Rex Grossman looked awful.
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    I was luke warm on Lawson... I felt he played with a ton of talent that didnt stop many people! I didnt even know who Carp really was until about 2 months before the draft... I dont think u can really go wrong with either player...

    but we will see... I cant survive another WAREv. Lights Out!
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    Who really expected any change in LA? Lawson is someone I wanted, but we did need a bigger guy like Carp. AB- just how long does he keep his head in the game before he reverts to type? Maybe he has finally grown up- since he is now on his THIRD team. Smith- QB's are hit and miss- you never know who is going to hit and who is going to miss. Ryan Leaf had a lot of so called experts convinced he was the real deal.
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    I think ReShard is in camp with the Raiders now.
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    thats alot of raving for a guy who credited with only two tackles (Lawson)

    as for the Niners in general...this was a preseason game...against a team missing a few key players...they are still going to be one of the worst teams in football...if they win more than 5 games I will be shocked


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    I'll post this response here too...

    I live in NC and saw Lawson many times. I was REALLY hoping we would draft him and was disappointed when we took Carpenter instead. I like Carpenter but I don't see him as a big-play guy like Lawson is. He will be solid and won't get burned very often but he just doesn't have the big-play ability that Lawson has.

    The thought of Ware and Lawson as bookend OLBs was awesome!
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    In addition, I notice Byrant was wearing #81

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