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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by BigDFan5, Jan 25, 2006.

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    Manny Lawson DL North Carolina State 6050 240 9 3/4 35 3/4

    Weigh-In Notes: Cut and well built....not much room for a lot of growth.

    Monday Practice Notes: The most athletic player along the defensive front here in Mobile. His drops in punt protection were VERY smooth and could give an indication as to his comfortability as possible linebacker. Explosive off the line. Does a great job getting across the face of lineman on all downblocks which leads him to make more than his share of plays in the running game. Uses his hands effectively. One point even showed his strength by blowing Marcus McNeill into the backfield on a bulrush.

    Tuesday Practice Notes: Speed, speed, and more speed. Lawson registered two practice sacks using nothing by his explosiveness off the edge. No pass rush moves, just blew right past the left tackle. Another example would be when Lawson was not ready for one play, actually was still on a knee, the lineman came off the ball on a zone block, and Lawson got off the knee to stop the back five yards in the backfield Also uses his hands very well which is underrated on the defensive line side of things. The one knock for the day was that he allowed himself to be hooked at one point by the offensive tackle.

    Wednesday Practice Notes: Quickly becoming apparent one of Lawson’s strengths is his recognition. By recognizing a screen and reacting to it, Lawson picked off a pass. Later in practice Lawson was not fooled by any boot actions. He recognizes blocks and scrapes hard down the line of scrimmage. What a lot of scouts will love is his hustle on and off the field. Manny continues runs on and off the field. Also displays a nasty streak to his game.
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    The best part of that review was about his nasty streak.
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    Hmmm...sounds like a nice guy to grab in the 1st round. IMO the 3-4 is all about the LBs. You can never have enough playmakers at that position.
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    Sounds like one ot the best prospects out there, and today on ESPN, I heard Kiper mention that he is a second round prospect. He is also a punt/kick blocker and great special teams player.
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    If he keeps this up he'll be gone when we pick.
    BLAST !
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    Watching the Senior Bowl practices, the disappointing thing is seeing all of the 'tweeners playing 4-3 defensive end and not getting any time at linebacker. Lawson seems to be the only one getting time at linebacker, and he sure seems like he'd be a good complement to DeMarcus Ware.

    THUMPER Papa

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    Considering many would love for us to take McNeil if he is available it doesn't say much that a 240 lb guy was able to bullrush him into the backfield. It does say a lot for Lawson though.
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    Few De's get the Ware/Lawson treatment and dual workout at LB......

    This kids making some money this week. He's a thought in 1st if he can demonstrate 3-4 OLB and situational DE use.
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    I wouldn't be upset at all if we ended up with this guy. Seems like just the type of player to switch over to LB very seamlessly.
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    Looks like he's going to be there at 18, but not much longer after that - so if we're going to snag him, that's the time to do it.

    Also, I like the part about him having great recognition out there and blowing up folks in the backfield, and having a mean streak. For those who thought he didn't have the meaness and passion.

    The way things look now, he may be better than Ware and Merriman, we MUST get this guy.
  11. KD

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    That's if N.E. doesn't trade in front of us to get him. Will happen if he has a great Combine, they have the extra picks to do it.
  12. Joshmvii

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    I'm loving this guy more and more every day.
  13. Clove

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    That would be a nightmare.
  14. neosapien23

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    NE nevertrades up. Billichick and Parcells have always traded down. Besides, NE needs a running back, reciever, and maybe corner in the worst kind of way. We all saw what happened to them when Dillon got hurt. They might lose a few recievers in FA and their corners have gotten toasted all year long. Maybe they should have kept Ty Law.
  15. KD

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    N.E. has and extra 3rd, 4th, AND 5th round draft pick. They wouldn't have to trade much to jump a few spots. There is no such thing as NEVER They want him bad enough, he's as good as a Patriot.
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    Not only that, but their are tons of tweeners in the draft (just below Lawson) but can still get to that QB and play OLB. So N.E. would be best served getting their running game situated including their secondary, and then going after a tweener in the later rounds.
  17. neosapien23

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    How did they get those many extra picks? :confused: I still think they will get a running back or corner in the first round. The running game was atrocious and their corners kept getting toasted.
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    This guy sounds like a comer, but how many years can we keep ignoring the offense?



  19. KD

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    We will see..... we'll know more after the combine. But from all reports he looks like a 1st rounder. If he's killing Mcneil 6"8 330+ teams that use a 4-3 might be looking at him as well(de), thinking he is a taller d ware. Especially if he runs a 4.5 and puts up over 25 reps at 225.

    Let's see how he performs come game time.

    I would love him at WLB and Ware at SLB. With Burnett and James at ILB's? Sick!!
  20. bbgun

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    From Scott Wright...

    Manny Lawson of North Carolina St. did an excellent job today and the scouts seem to love him, which was evidenced by all the attention he received after practice. He is quite a specimen and really stands out...There is little doubt that of all the defensive players Brodrick Bunkley and Manny Lawson were the standouts today...The most popular player I have seen yet though is Manny Lawson, who had a huge group around him at all times that included the likes of Kansas City, Cleveland, Carolina, Baltimore and San Diego. Lawson also sounded like a great kid and was very polite and well spoken.

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