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    The 2013 Inside Linebacker class has an unquestioned leader of the pack: Manti Te’o of Notre Dame. Te’o will be the first ILB to come off the board, likely to be somewhere between picks 10 and 15. Te’o possesses everything that an NFL team in search of a defensive captain is looking for. From his physical measurables to his productivity and instincts, Te’o will likely be an NFL starter from his first day in training camp.

    In the latest installment of FRG’s Scouting Series, I decided to take a look at Manti Te’o vs. Michigan State in week 3 of the 2012 season. What I saw was no surprise: Te’o is an elite LB prospect.

    Standing at an estimated 6’2 and 255lbs, Te’o physically looks every bit the part for a traditional MLB in a 4-3 defense. He may be a tad short for the ILB position in a 3-4, but he has enough girth and weight to hold up against free-running OG’s in such an alignment. That said, a 4-3 team that's looking for a MLB will see a physical prototype when measuring up Te’o. His speed is estimated at or around a 4.60, which for an ILB in either a 4-3 or 3-4 is plenty fast enough. Ideally, scouts look for LB’s that can run anywhere between the 4.55 to 4.70 range, with deference being given to field speed over timed speed. Te’o does well in both categories.

    Athleticism is vital when evaluating a linebacker and projecting him to the next level. The player has to show the ability to fight through traffic, have the necessary coordination and balance to stay on their feet, and have the quickness, acceleration, and strength to make a tackle or finish a play. Te’o showed plus athleticism versus Michigan State, as he was consistently making play after play. Te’o was constantly shedding blocks and maintaining pursuit to the ball carrier all game long. His 12 tackles showed just how active he was.

    Speaking of tackles, Te’o displayed an elite ability to bring the ball carrier down. Te’o consistently delivered the blow with good pad level and created a jolt on contact.
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    OK fellow arm chair GM's the question is this: Good chance the Cowboys are drafting 10-15, Teo is there as is a cant miss O Lineman, who do you take? Stevie Wonder can see the O Line needs help. I know we have two young good ILB's but Teo is the kind of talent who could take the D to the next level. I'd take Teo, move one of the other two ILBs outside and not look back. This guy has those Sean Lee instincts and is an absolute tackling machine out there.
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    Wait...Bruce Carter or Sean Lee moved to the outside in a 3-4? Not going to work
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    Realistically we are pretty set at ILB

    As Notre Dame homer I would love Manti on the Boys.

    But we need O line help more
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    Change Homer to Hater and we are in complete agreement. Kid is a stud but we need help elsewhere.
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    If we were converting to a 4-3 next year then I strongly consider Teo in your scenario.

    LDE Tyrone Crawford/Free Agent
    LDT Jay Ratliff
    RDT Sean Lissemore/Jason Hatcher
    RDE DeMarcus Ware
    SLB Sean Lee
    MLB Mant'i Teo
    WLB Bruce Carter
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    I'd Take him

    all I hear is we need more LBers

    and in 3-4 you do

    The top draft-eligible inside linebacker in the nation is Notre Dame's Manti Te'o. He has really improved his pass coverage this season, but how much was going to be tested by Stanford with tight ends Zach Ertz (6-6, 252) and Levine Toilolo (6-8, 265). The NFL is in need of linebackers who can cover tight ends, so this was an opportunity for Te'o to help his draft stock.

    Te'o was tested early on a short dump off catch by Ertz, and Te'o stopped him immediatley. The senior had blanket coverage on a throw to Toilolo, and Te'o slapped the ball away for an incompletion.

    Ertz dropped a pass on a third down that should've been an easy reception. He later got behind Te'o for a sliding 14-yard catch. He was late getting back in his drop after taking some steps towards the line because of a play-action fake. The next play saw Te'o blow up a play in the backfield

    Te'o was excellent in run defense. He was physical at the point of attack and a rock solid as a tackler. There were a number of nice form tackles from Te'o. He had a big stop in overtime on a third-and-goal at the goal line. Te'o fired up and got above the pile to stuff running back Stepfan Taylor short of the end zone. Te'o contributed to a big push that stopped Taylor on fourth down as well.

    This was another impressive game for Te'o. He held his own in pass coverage against the tight ends, but wasn't a shutdown man-coverage defender as he played a lot of zone. There are times when Te'o can take some false steps in pass coverage as he thinks it is a running play and is late to break back in his drop. Te'o will just need to stay on top of his film study in the NFL to help his ability to read the keys to recognize plays quickly.
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    Agreed but if he is a bigtime playmaker I would take him.
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    He has played well in the few minutes of Notre Dame football I have watched this day but how many Domers recently have been above average pros? I guess Bronze Tate is doing a little better than most but a lot of Domers end up being backups.

    Hopefully the Domers lose to both Oklahoma and USC and are out of the BCS Championship.
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    and I respond with Justin Tuck

    by the way

    I laugh at Canada
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    Te'o is a good LB, long time and lots to do before the draft' Lets see how his combine and workouts are first. I think he could play SOLB in a 4-3 or MLB but to pass on a good 3-4 OLB or DE or safety or OL for another ILB when we have Lee and Carter would be hard to do in the first round. I'm all about drafting the best players but if I have an even grade on a DE, 3-4 OLB, NT, Safety, or OL I'm taking one of them.

    Now I think we this draft and how many good DTs and DEs there are I think it would be a good time to focus on OLB, DL, and OL and safety. All positions we need and this draft looks like its going to be loaded for us.
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    No way. We have quality young inside backers.

    We have about 10 other positions we need to address.

    We go RT, DE/OLB, S, DT very outside shot at WR.

    We'd probably draft a QB before an ILB
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    They were strongly interested in Kuechley and Wagner last year, Te'o is better than both of em.
  14. jobberone

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    We will look at an OL, S, OLB/pass rusher in the first IMO. I like Jones from GA.
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    It would be a mistake to draft another ILB. Even if we moved to the 4-3 and needed another LB, not worth it.

    Ideally, you'd want impact makers on all levels of the defense but like the Giants have shown, you don't need star LBs to contend. The defensive line and safeties are where it's at.
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    That's when Carter was a question mark though.
  18. tomson75

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    I love Lee...

    ...but at this point with his injury we could make ILB a target. If he's there, I'd take him.
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    Great. Now it's looking like this could be a real possibility now :bang2:

    Like I said before, if you have dominant players in the trenches and a stud safety, you can run Bradie James out there at linebacker and still have a good defense.

    Forget this guy, we have other needs.
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    Yup. ILB is not enough of a value position. Upgrades at DL, OLB and S are more important.

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