Manufacturing returning to the US

Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by Cowboy Brian, Nov 2, 2013.

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    My my juices flowing. You're correct though, apologize for socio-policital direction.
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    If household income increases, so will the cost of living. If it decreases, so will the cost of living. Wouldn't cost of living be dependent on income in the long run?
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    Things like gas, and health insurance, would be a nice start(please don't turn this political). How do you expect someone making minimum wage to pay $3-4 a gal?
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    minimum wage is not supposed to be a living wage- not meant for people to live on it. It is merely an arbitrary number below which you are supposedly not allowed to pay someone working a job.

    It is a fallacy that it was ever meant to be something that you lived on. Anyone thinking that is a fool. It was for part timers looking to get extra money; for teens starting out in the workforce; seniors looking for some extra cash; etc. Nothing more. And trying to make it so just causes other problems and mainly inflation.
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    I understand this, but speaking about people I employ, for them school is not an option, for reasons such as, cost too much, have a family to raise, or would not do well in school. Also, as a business owner, I pay more than minimum wage.

    Let's just say you are paying someone around $14 an hour, which would be roughly $30,000 a year. Still, gas being $3-4 a gallon is ridiculous. Someone having to put in $40-$60 a week in gas, adds up quickly. So is the cost of many other things. Food for example, to eat clean, is ridiculously expensive. I do not think, raising the minimum wage is going to solve anything, but I think if other things were scaled back a little, like things that people use on a regular bases would help.

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