Many NFL teams struggling financially, lockout possible

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    OWINGS MILLS, Md. -- Baltimore Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti said Wednesday that several NFL owners are facing a financial shortfall that could create "long-term problems for the league" and ultimately result in a lockout.

    As the Ravens prepare for a 2010 season without a salary cap, Bisciotti hinted that the NFL could shut down in March 2011 if the players union doesn't make concessions in negotiations for a new collective bargaining agreement.

    Speaking at a news conference in which Ravens officials looked back at last season and ahead to 2010, Bisciotti insisted that many of the 32 NFL teams are struggling to finish in the black.

    "I've got partners out there right now whose teams are making less money than their linebackers," Bisciotti said. " I think we've got an acute problem here with the general profitability of the teams. We always knew this was not a big cash-flow business, but when you've got guys like Jacksonville tarping up 10,000 seats to stop blackouts, when you've got teams that are voluntarily staying at the minimum of what they have to spend on the salary cap in order to not go upside down financially, then we already have a structural problem."

    Four years ago, the league and players union signed a CBA that Bisciotti labeled "a bad deal" for the owners.

    "That puts us in the unenviable position of this thing ending in a lockout as opposed to a strike," he said. "There's no cash flow. If we don't get this thing back to the point that teams have enough cash flow ... then there's long-term problem for the league. We're going to have to address that."

    Ravens president Dick Cass said the club is "doing well compared to other teams around the league. But just because we're still doing well in revenues, that doesn't mean we're generating a lot of profit."

    Although there's a good chance there will not be a salary cap in place in 2010, that doesn't mean a team will be allowed to spend at will. And even by spending the maximum, that won't guarantee a spot in the playoffs.

    Using baseball's New York Yankees as an example, Bisciotti wondered aloud about the payoff on an unbridled spending spree.

    "It certainly doesn't show up in the standings," he said. "If I'm a Yankees fan, I'm upset we're not winning 130 games with the roster that they have and the money that they pay out. I think it's a disgrace they only beat the average team by 10 games in the standings with three times the money. I'd fire that GM. You don't need a GM. All you have to do is buy the last Cy Young Award winner every year."

    Bisciotti, 49, has been the Ravens' owner for 10 years, during which the team has regularly sold out its home games. Despite that, he still has concern about the league's future.

    "We want to be at a point where teams are not selling off their star players in their fourth year because they can't afford to sign them to that second contract," Bisciotti said.

    As the Ravens enter an offseason with an uncertain financial environment and no salary cap, general manager Ozzie Newsome is eager to work within the system to enhance their wide receivers and fortify their pass rush.

    "The restrictions put on the Baltimore Ravens are put on 31 other ballclubs, too," Newsome said. "We've got to be better than the other 31 clubs in order to make our football team under these circumstances. I look at it as a challenge. It puts the pressure on us to dig down deep to improve our football team."

    The Ravens went 9-7 this season and reached the second round of the playoffs before being eliminated by the Indianapolis Colts, who will play in this Sunday's Super Bowl. Bisciotti said the improvement of second-year quarterback Joe Flacco will be the key to Baltimore's success in 2011.

    Flacco's ability to excel could be helped by new quarterbacks coach Jim Zorn -- and the addition of a few new targets.

    "Do we want to improve at the wide receiver position? Yes, because that will further enhance our running game," Newsome said. "Having a playmaker on the outside will make Joe Flacco become a better quarterback."

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    The Yankees won the World Series. Why is he trying to denigrate them?

    Anyway, I had no idea the owners were struggling to make a profit. This is interesting stuff. Thanks for posting it.
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    calling Keanu Reeves
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    NFL will not close
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    I remember saying that in 1982 and 1987. Theres alot to be gained and lost by both sides so hopefully they make it happen. I remember driving home listening to nfl radio at 7am and them announcing they heard directly from upshaw that the owners opted out of the cba and thought the same thing again. However it seems like theres 0 progress being made and from what i heard earlier today they are VERY far apart.
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    They've had the highest payroll for years. This is their first championship in years. I think he makes alot of sense.

    I also didn't know teams were struggling. The way they media plays it, you'd think the NFL was just a big pot of gold with everyone making money hand over fist.
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    The image of success helps breed success. No one wants to go out and tell the world that Jacksonville had 7 home games blacked out this season even after closing off the upper section of their stadium. Then again, their ownership refuses to move the team, so that's their own damn fault.
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    It must really piss off the other teams that Jerry just blew a billion dollars on a new stadium when the other teams can barely break even.
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    this is why i love the cowboys.
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    The earnings discrepancies between the top revenue and bottom revenue teams has grown so large that it destabilizes the league.
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    And its not likely that the TV revenue will keep going up like it has the last 10 years. Advertising is spending less and while the NFL is the best bet for the networks they cannot fork over what they do not have.
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    Add the fact that the owners get television revenue whether the games are played in 2011 or not, I find the odds of a lockout pretty good.
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    I really think both sides will find a way to hammer out an agreement before they allow a lockout to take place.
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    Look, don't waste your breath, you're talking to a boy that wasn't alive in 1987. The real world doesn't exist when you're 16.
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    Why is Steve Bisciotti crying? He JUST BOUGHT the Ravens like 3 years ago. He's like that guy who goes to a restaurant, orders the most expensive item on the menu and then wants to quibble with the waiter when the check comes. If you cannot afford to RUN an NFL franchise then don't buy one. I think the NFL really missed the boat a few years ago when Bill Cosby got a group of investers together and wanted to purchase a franchise but was denied. Guys like Bill Cosby or Mark Cuban would be great for the NFL but the league is so old-gaurd, conservative white sometimes that it ends up screwing itself out of revenue because of old prejudices and ultimately short sightedness. A lockout in 2011 could do to the NFL what the baseball strike in the 90's did to the MLB. Baseball STILL hasn't fully recovered.
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    No way would the NFL let in Cuban and with good reason. He makes Al Davis sound smart.

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