Manziel...why and why not...are you a fan of his?

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by jazzcat22, Apr 20, 2014.

  1. jazzcat22

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    After reading many different opinions, I starting thinking why are you a fan, or not a fan of Manziel.
    Also were you a fan of his college days. And was it because you are an Aggie fan, or just like good QB play.

    If you were not a fan, but have you become one after the combine, or after any research you did or did not do.
    Same question goes for why you are not a fan, or was ok with him, then not so much. Was ok with him, then liked him.

    And do you want to draft him because you are a fan, no matter what. Is your opinion skewed because you are not a fan. Or you just want the BPA regardless of position [standard answer there though].

    I am not a big fan of his, but I wouldn't complain [or don't think I would] if he was drafted. Mostly, because of his size. Works great in college, but very few transition that into the NFL. But on the other side, there have been busts of the prototypical size QB's also.

    Also because I don't think we need to draft a QB that high. I can see that happening in two years. Unless one falls to them this year in the later rounds, or one next year in the higher rounds.

    I think Manziel goes easily in the top 10. So we won't have to be concerned with it.
    Best scenario, he drops to us at 16, some team wants him, we get a 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and next years 1st or something like that.
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  2. jimmy40

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    so the 16th pick is worth a 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th? I don't think he's going to be good because he's never taken a snap from center and read a defense will dropping back in his life, not good for someone that's not even 6' tall. He also starts running around like a chicken with his head cut off at the first sign of pressure. I do think he'll be exciting up until the play he gets broken in half.
  3. jazzcat22

    jazzcat22 Well-Known Member

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    Not sure if the pick is worth that much, I doubt it. Just threw it out there for if some team that wants him.
  4. Fredd

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    Am I a fan of him? I am a fan of excitement in football, so I was looking to see what he did each week...I am a fan of Johnny Manziel the player, not Johnny football, the hype machine
    Am I a fan of his notoriety? no, I can't stand it...this is not his fault, but calling him Johnny Football is insulting to anyone that has played professional him Johnny college football, sure
    Would I want him on the Cowboys? Not if they have to trade up to get him or take him with our first round pick...the controversy around him vs Tony would be stifling...if people didn't like romo before, just wait until this kid's name is selected to don the thank you. If he ever fell into the 2nd round, then I could almost be OK with it at #47, but he will never get to there. But, if he is taken with any pick by the cowboys, the QB controversy would start before he walked up to the podium
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  5. OhSnap

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    Just had an image flash in my head of what it will be like if Romo has a couple bad games or the Cowboys arent more than one game above .500 with this guy standin on the sidelines. The signs in the stands, the tv cameras showing him anytime the Cowboys are behind and the same questions after every game. It really wouldn't have to be him but it would be worse. It's gonna be great.
  6. Nirvana

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    I question if he will be a success but as a fan I would certainly be entertained if he was playing QB for the Cowboys. He could be a huge milestone for greatness or a total bust. I would be ok with the Cowboys taking a chance on him, but I won't be disappointed if he was not picked even if there at 16.
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  7. OhSnap

    OhSnap Well-Known Member

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    He's gonna be a great addition to any team.
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  8. Hardline

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    Hopefully he goes in the top 15 and we will not even have to worry about him being a Cowboy.
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  9. jnday

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    You said the key word, "entertainment". He would make Dallas into must see TV even when they are a 8-8 team. I have no faith in Romo getting this team to a Super Bowl, so I would welcome a change.
  10. IAmLegend

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  11. Gaede

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    That's what I think too.

    I don't necessarily want us to go out there and get him, but considering how stagnant this team has been the past 4 years, I'd welcome some excitement. I want to look forward to our games every week again and expect the unexpected. This team, lately, is horribly dull
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  12. reddyuta

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    I would take him at 16 but then i think that Garrett will completely ruin him by making him a pocket passer just like he has managed to do to Romo.
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  13. KB1122

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    One point of disagreement, I think, is rooted in opinions on "running quarterbacks." Some people still want the prototypical dropback passer. Some of us see the success being enjoyed by the best running quarterbacks in the league and think the game is changing in that direction.

    But the closer we get to the draft, the more I think he goes No. 1 to Houston.
  14. bodi

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    sorry I don't like the kid

    the only QB I would take at 16 is Bortles
  15. Aven8

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    To answer the OP, I hate A&M. In fact I loathe them. But this kid has single handily put them on the map again. He's the most exciting player I've seen in college football in the past 10 years.

    Yes he's small, he has very narrow shoulders as well. But when he is running around he has the uncanny ability, much like Emmitt, to not take the big hit. He is also a player when the play breaks down that always has his eyes down field. I love his deep ball (Mike Evans helps) but he can zing it with touch.

    IMO Clowney is a freak, but he's not a sure thing IMO. Had he been a model player and had 40 sacks coming out of college, etc there wouldn't be a debate. But for my money, excitement, and the ability to win next year if I'm Houston I'm taking Johnny.

    I would snatch him up at 16 as well. I love Romo, and always have, but this is football and whomever can make the Cowboys better I'm all for. The way he lead his team back against Duke in the bowl game and the leadership he showed was awesome, he rose up and put the team on his shoulders. Hell, had he had a decent defense he would have beat the #1 team in the country back to back and almost did it anyway!
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  16. jimmy40

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    Is the game really changing or are these guys just in the best possible situation?

    top running QBs?

    Russell Wilson
    Colin Kaepernick
    Cam Newton

    Top scoring defenses?

    San Fran
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  17. jimmy40

    jimmy40 Well-Known Member

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    LSU didn't let his receivers run wide open all over the field, for the most part kept him in the pocket and Manziel was lost, I see the same thing happening in the NFL.
  18. JoeyBoy718

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    I wouldn't draft him in the first 4 rounds. Too small, he won't be able to rely on his athleticism forever, he doesn't set his feet when he throws in games (he was able to prepare for his Pro Day), tries to do too much, isn't really a student of the game, thinks he's the king of the world, not someone I would consider a leader. I can't think of many reasons I would want the guy. There are about 10 QBs in this draft I'd take over him. His ceiling as a QB is Michael Vick. I can't see him ever winning a Super Bowl. Maybe, maybe, maybe, maybe if he had the 85 Bear's defense.
  19. iceberg

    iceberg it's business, this emotional game Zone Supporter

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    same reason i hated tebow.

    you can't swing a dead cat without hitting the media or people talk about him.
  20. BoysFan4ever

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    I waver on much of what he does. He is a cocky guy on & off the field but he is electric as a player. He is just flat out fun to watch. And I guess bottom line that's what you want watching sports or players. You want to have fun. Wherever he goes he'll sell tickets.

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