Manziel...why and why not...are you a fan of his?

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by jazzcat22, Apr 20, 2014.

  1. DFWJC

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    No, you are right, the 16th pick is certainly not worth all of that.
  2. Tobal

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    He had trouble against LSU, they seemed to have an answer for him, but the guy is amazing I really enjoyed watching him. I don't know how well it translates to the NFL. I'm not sure how good of a coach Sumlin is fundamentally. I know he's all about swag, and glitx and I knows he's a good recruiter, but I don't know if they tried to correct his issues or just rode his talent to a new contract. I'd like to know how coachable he is, can he play conservative and reel it in when it's needed?

    I don't want him in Dallas, but I'd love to trade his rights to Cleveland if he's there at 16.
  3. CowboyFan74

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    I'm just sick of hearing about the guy...
  4. NumOneQB

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    JM is an amazing collegiate QB, no doubt about it. The NFL is a different game where he can't just rely on physical tools to take over a game. Everyone is fast, everyone is strong, everyone is quick, everyone can jump through the roof in the NFL. The mental aspect is huge, especially for a QB, and Johnny has shown to be a mental midget. Of course, he can prove me wrong and become a hall of famer, but the probability of him having trouble translating his game to the league consistently (every week) is much, much higher, IMO. He's not going to be Russel Wilson and whoever drafts him isn't going to change his game that way. They'll want Johnny Football....
  5. Sydla

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    I think his size could be a problem when coupled with his mentality on the football field. A month or so ago I heard Bill Polian make a comment that guys like Manziel are tough to coach because it's tough to coach him to be less risky with his body and the ball. He said guys like that have it in their DNA and no matter how much time you coach him and pound into his head he needs to take less risks, the moment something goes wrong in any particular snap, the DNA often kicks in and coaching goes out the window.

    Plus, he got away with a lot of stuff in college that he probably can't in the pros.
  6. BrAinPaiNt

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    I think the kid has happy feet. Think he scrambles around too much before there is every pressure there. I think he has limited reads but that improved some last year and could improve more but I think it is more of a one read system he is used to and that is why he gets happy feet. I think when he does get happy feet in the NFL he will throw a ton of INTs. There were many many times that he should have had the ball intercepted in college but his WR bailed him out. He made so many mistakes that a QB should be taught to never do but still did them and got lucky. I think he brings a situation to this team that if things are going ok he will be ok but as soon as there is a problem he will make it worse. I think as much media as he got while in college it will be three fold in the pros and every stupid thing he does (and he does plenty) will be magnified.

    Don't want him to be there at 16 because barring a couple of possible players I think Jerry Takes him.
  7. Fredd

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    I don't blame Seattle and San Fran for their success, but pretty soon, they will have to pay their QB' may be a different landscape at that point
  8. JackWagon

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    I think JJ is a fan. And if he starts dropping at all ... i think JJ goes up to get him.
  9. Doomsday101

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    I agree. Wilson went to a running college in Wisconsin and then is taken by another run heavy team in the NFL with Lynch and the Seahawks. I think he know how to use his talents and ability in this style of offense where he knows not to force the ball. This is not a knock on Wilson he has some real good talent but much of that talent resides between the ears, seahawks are not asking him to carry the load they want him leading the offense and playing smart ball and not take the unneeded risk, after all with that defense punting is not always a bad option. Johnny Football throws many balls up for grabs and Evans saved his butt. He throws off his back foot, across his body and takes a lot of unneeded risk. In college you can get away with a lot of that in the Pro's the margin for error is a lot smaller.
  10. xwalker

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    The QB for the Dallas Cowboys is under the brightest spotlight in sports. It's a strain on guys with great mental makeups. Johnny had trouble with the spotlight of playing for Texas A&M.

    He has on and off field question marks. It's one thing to take a chance on one or the other, but taking a chance on both on and off field issues is too much, IMO.
  11. jazzcat22

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    I always said Wilson would end of being the better QB over Kapernek and RG3. So far he has shown it [also has the defense to help, but SF not bad either]. Cam Newton show some decent signs here and there, and seems to have tried to be that pocket passer over run option type QB, of the times I seen him play anyway. But still the jury is out on that one. But I'll put him 2nd amongst that group.
    That was what I was referring to, a QB can get away with a lot on athleticism in college, especially if he has good teammates to help. I think Manziel will be one of those "welcome to the NFL, rookie" type highlights more often than just highlights.
  12. reddyuta

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    i dont agree with this.He literally carried that team with one of the most atrocious defenses in college football,he is definitely mentally strong guy .My problem with drafting Manziel is jason garrett and i just dont think they are going to work together.

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