Marc Colombo getting beat up in Miami

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by rickytickycamaro, Aug 15, 2011.

  1. rickytickycamaro

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    Reports out of Miami camp is that Marc Colombo is getting beat badly by everybody! He was lucky that he was one of Sparano's boys, but word out of camp down here that he is looking terrrrrrrible!
  2. speedkilz88

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    Anyone surprised?
  3. CrazyCowboy

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    This does not surprise me.

    He was a good player for us.

    Age will catch all of us.
  4. Hoofbite

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    Not a shocker at all. That's been the story ever since his injury.
  5. SDCowboy85

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    We didn't cut him because he was still good.
  6. BraveHeartFan

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    There is no shock here. He's not been the same since his injury. Injuries and age will do that to you. Marc was good here while he could be and I was glad to have him.
  7. sbark

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    Yes, no sense in running him down now. He was a warrior with an attitude that helped the entire team. Wish him the best as he probably moves on to a new career.
  8. Cowboys22

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    I guess I'll be the first to say, yes, I'm somewhat shocked. I believed his poor play last year was because he came back too soon from the injury. I felt with the offseason, he would get 100% healthy and at least be servicable. I'm not shocked that he isn't looking like a top notch OT but I'm a little shocked if he is getting beat like a drum by everyone.
  9. ThreeSportStar80

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    He's no longer servicable... Sad truth.
  10. AbeBeta

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    why do people on this board get so excited about former players not doing well?
  11. Chocolate Lab

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  12. Sam I Am

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    Why do you complain and bash other posters so much lately? Is your life in a tailspin and lashing out at others makes you feel better? It sure seems that way.
  13. davey999

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    While Sam Young gets treated like a turnstile.
  14. Sam I Am

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    Agree. Hopefully his career in music will take off. If his band becomes popular, most fans will be back on his bandwagon! :laugh2:
  15. Joe Realist

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  16. Mash

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    He was done last year......didnt someone mention that our 1st round pick wouldnt be a upgrade from Columbo?

    A pylon right now is a upgrade....

    Columbo had a nice career....he went thru some bad injuries....he should count his lucky stars he made the money he made in the NFL. I give the guy credit...he worked hard and played tough.

    But his days are done.
  17. sago1

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    Thought Colombo did a good job for us ever since he came back from major knee injury when with Chicago. He gave everything he could for us and loved his attitude. Was also very happy when he turned down Broncos offer several years ago to remain with the Cowboys "in order to help protect Romo". But age & particularly his knee caught up with him. Have no problems with the
    Cowboys cutting him but bear him no ill will at all. Will always wih him the best in his next carrer since it appears his NFL career is over.
  18. vta

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    But I'll always remember him for his attitude. :) Loved it.

  19. Sam I Am

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    Lets not forget this one too! :laugh2:

  20. AbeBeta

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    Oohh, the board den mother strikes again.

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