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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Teague31, Sep 25, 2005.

  1. Teague31

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    I know everyone loves this guy for manning up and offering to return the signing bonus but so far I am not impressed at all. I have no idea how he has made 3 straight pro bowls.... he is getting bull rushed with regularity. maybe the off-season injuries cut into his weight program but he is not that good IMO. He is an upgrade over Gurode I suppose but I was expecting more. It gets worse with Al next to him, now we have two guys that can't stop the bull rush.
  2. Danny White

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    Our O line needed an upgrade and we got one in the off season. They're playing better than they have in years and I have to think Rivera has something to do with that.
  3. Dallas

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    I think Marco is doing fine. Ive seen all the games and I dont see a drop off at all at his spot. I see some very good run blocking and pass protection. You might should go back and re-watch the past 3 games.
  4. Eskimo

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    I criticized the Rivera signing at the beginning and have not been impressed with his play. We should have gone after Wahle who was better, younger, healthier, faster and more versatile.

    However, he hasn't had a chance to build chemistry with his linemates due to his TC injury so I'm willing to cut him some slack for now. Hopefully he gives us a solid three years of production given the size of his contract.
  5. Cowboy from New York

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    I have observed that they like to run the screen more often than not, to the right side and you can see Rivera pulling and getting out there in front of JJ. The screens have pretty much been crap so far but BP seems so fanatically committed to them they Bledsoe, JJ and the o-line are bound to get into sync just through sheer attrition. Another nice thought is to see T Thompson out there running one since they seem to be trying to work him into atleast 1 series a game now. His speed out there could be a really devestating weapon.
  6. ratpower

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    O-line is doing great on the pass but against the run, we are having our problems...I don't think Marco is a "problem" but we do need work on the run blocking. Al, Marco and Petitti have not all gotten on the same page yet...

    Pass blocking has been great and certainly is an upgrade though...
  7. whateverman

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    if it werent for marco I dont think pettiti would be as good as he is now, not to take anything from robs potential but marco is the leader that our O line needed
  8. dbair1967

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    he hasnt been worth the 9 million signing bonus so far, but he's ok...

    Al Johnson on the other hand looked pretty lousy on a number of blown up running plays though

  9. Jarv

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    Yeah, I saw Johnson being pushed around in the backfield. He needs to add some strength.
  10. Tio

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    We need to start gurode, al hasn't had a good performance in a single game so far.
  11. texastwister

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    I thought to myself yesterday when Johnson was getting bull rushed, why not put in Gurode. But with Gurode being able to back up 3 spots (center-both guards) He wont see any playing time if we dont dress more offensive lineman instead of defensive.

    I like the def line rotation but when are we going to see Al in getting killed by the bigger boys. Oakland def line are pretty big boys for Al to stop.

    As far as Marco I dont think he is as much a problem as Al is.
  12. Redball Express

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    I think you are mixing up the Mark Rivera of the Packers with the Mark Rivera of the Cowboys.

    At this point in time, Rivera is being asked to play a very different role with very different players around him.

    In Packerland..he had 2-3 other ALL-Pro players with whom he had played for years. They had a tremendous chemistry.

    Here, Rivera is being asked to alternately help either Gurode on his left or Al Johnson and also to watch out and help Pettitti on his right, who's a 6th Rd. rookie who's being gameplanned on by every team to get to Bledsoe.

    Oh..and BTW..he still has to man-up on whomever he's across from, too.

    I'm not going to discuss his back, as we don't really know what that's all about yet, either. We've gotten the official coach-speak that he's fine, but we really don't know.

    I think he doing excellent, considering all he's being asked to do. I'd also wonder if because of his experience, if he's calling the blocking schemes at the line of scrimmage for the OL since Johnson and Gurode are so in and out of the lineup..?

    If he is, he's doing that pretty well it would seem..too.

    So I think you need to withhold any negative remarks for the time being and we see how it goes. Mid-season would be the time to review his contributions better.


  13. Vertigo_17

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    I think he'll continue to improve as the season goes on. He's coming off a back injury (I've had the same surgery) and although the back is physically recovered - it takes time to get the confidence/mental aspect back. It's as if he's being a little too cautious with it.

    By mid-season, I think he'll be crushing DL's in the run game.
  14. Hollywood Henderson

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    Our pass blocking has gotten better with his veteran leadership...
    But we have failed so far to be consistant with the running game...

    Yes, Al isn't strong enough to handle big NT & whiffed bad vs a LBer... I would like to see him Gurode play more if not start at C...

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