Audio: Marcus Spears has a new fan: Jim Rome (Audio link post #51)

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by Chief, Jun 13, 2006.

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    Marcus Spears was supposed to be on the Jim Rome Show for about one segment (15 minutes) in the studio, but it went so well that Rome had him on for the entire hour.

    I didn't catch all of it (was in the car at lunch), but Spears was great. His answers and comments were thoughtful, sincere and sometimes funny. Rome said that it's not often that he has someone on for a full hour, especially when its someone he's never met before, but that Marcus was rolling and he didn't want to let him go.
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    I caught a bit of that as well. Spears was very good from what I was able to listen to.

    Talked about being hurt vs injured and jokingly stated that BP has some thoughts on that.

    Also talked about what a great fit Bledsoe would be with TO. Said not to worry about glimpses on the sideline when players may jaw a bit with each other that in reality Bledsoe has great relationships with all his receivers.

    Of course he would be very positive about that, as a team guy. Kind of interesting nonetheless.
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    Jim Rome is an idiot. Worse, he's an idiiot who thinks he's really smart.

    So, unfortunately, his positive opinion of Spears makes me like Spears less.
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    Did anyone record it?

    And could they somehow make it downloadable?
  5. Hostile

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    That just doesn't even add up.

    Good job giving Jim Rome power over your own thoughts and emotions. He clearly owns you since he can dictate the level you like something.

    I am a slave to no man, but hey whatever floats your boat.
  6. WoodysGirl

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    Lifted from mporter on another board: ;)

    It was a great interview. So good in fact that Jim allowed Marcus to carry an entire hour and answer emails and questions from callers. He seemed really insightful and full of personality. Unfortunately, I missed the last segment but I’ll highlight some of the more interesting things he talked about…

    BP constantly challenged him last season after his injury to see what he was made of.

    He was slightly disappointed with his performance last year, injury prevented him from doing everything he wanted to do, but he was very happy for Demarcus Ware.

    Playing in a city like Dallas is a huge responsibility. Remembers a time when he was at the supermarket at 1 am trying to get some milk. People at the supermarket at the time were asking him why he wasn’t at home, didn’t he have practice tomorrow, etc.

    Knows Jerry Jones will do anything to win, and doesn’t mind him being on the field because he knows football.

    Excited to see the T.O. and Vandy signings, doesn’t worry about what they’ve done in the past (teammate issues), both are great practice players.

    Jason Ferguson and Greg Ellis are the locker room leaders, players police themselves.

    Considers his LSU team the sole national champs…doesn’t share it with USC. (That took some stones because he was in studio with Rome which is in L.A.)

    Best feeling in the world was to buy homes for his mom and sister. His sister was his idol, she was a star basketball player at LSU.

    He was asked about the difference between Sabon (at LSU) and Parcells. Said Sabon is a more in your face screamer.

    Thinks the move to the 3-4 made the defense better, and they’ll be even better this year since everyone had time to adjust. Specifically pointed out Ellis and Glover having difficulty adjusting.

    Said he enjoyed playing offense because he was I TE in high school, but he thinks he might be too big of a target at 6-5 (is he really that tall?) Said playing offense was fun while it lasted.

    That was a quick synopsis, but an excellent interview indeed.

  7. Yeagermeister

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    How badly was he kissing Spear's arse?

    Tomorrow Rome will be dogging him.

    Or at least that's MO from what I have heard.
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    Spears came across as down-to-earth, but smart and coachable. Rome liked him.

    He gave props to Parcells and said the response you give Parcells when he's
    getting under your skin with his wise guy comments is to simply play better. It's not about talking it's about playing better.
  9. J-DOG

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    I caught some of that too.
    Spears seemed really comfortable and sounded really upbeat about the defense.
    He said he thought they had a chance to be a great defense but they have to play some games to show that.
    Also mentioned that AA(Akin Ayodele) will be a great addition. Mentioned Bradie James as having somewhat of a breakout season.
    Spears came off great on that show.
  10. burmafrd

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    Just because ROME likes him is a stupid reason not to.
  11. AbeBeta

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    Just applying Rome-style logic to the problem.
  12. superpunk

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    I wonder if Spears was well-spoken?

  13. Hostile

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    If you were enjoying a pizza and read that Rome likes pizza would you stick your finger down your throat?
  14. burmafrd

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    abersonc probably would.
  15. Hostile

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    I heard Rome likes his avatar.

  16. BrAinPaiNt

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    :laugh1: EPIC! :p:
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    I would disagree with that. Idiots don't build the kind of radio/tv empire Rome has. Some of the "clones" thing is not my favorite but Rome has developed good relationships with TONS of athletes despite his often biting commentary. He gets good guests, he does a good interview, and he is often flat out hilarious. His vocabulary and air of authority is his "schtict". You can not like what he does but he didn't get where he is by being dumb.
  18. J-DOG

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    I only caught part of the interview but I agree with Spears about LSU being the true national champs that season.
    I wish I could have heard that though.
    That did take stones to say that in LA.
    Thanks for the recap.
  19. DLCassidy

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    I might if I found out it was anchovie.
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    This just in, Jim Rome proclaims soccer is his all time favorite sport.


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