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Discussion in 'News Zone' started by Cogan, Jun 19, 2006.

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    Since I live in NE Ohio, I don't have the opportunity some of you have to get to listen to some of our younger players being interviewed. So, when made a video of Marcus Spears' appearance on NFL Total Access, I jumped on the chance to listen & watch.

    I was not disappointed. On the contrary. I was so impressed by this young man, that I watched half of it with a smile on my face. Spears is so relaxed & comfortable in front of the camera, I wouldn't doubt it if he followed in the footsteps of Aikman & Johnston in going into broadcasting. More than that, though, he is so down to earth. He's the type of guy you watch & say, "Man, I could hang out with that guy. He is really cool". He's confident without being arrogant. I loved how he talked about his team, and how everybody seemed to be gelling together.

    I also learned a lot about what an NFL rookie goes through, and why most hit a wall sometime after Thanksgiving. Once he talked about how an NFL prospect goes from the last game he plays for his college team, to post-season all star games, to the Combine, to personal workouts-working their butts off the whole time so that they are selected as high as possible due to the immense amount of money on the line.

    Then they go through all of the mini-camps, TC, pre-season games, then, the regular season. No wonder they hit a stone wall around mid-season.

    I obviously liked the guy before the interview for his hard work & the talent he showed on the field last year. He became one of my favorites afterwards. He was so refreshingly candid about how he got hurt, and how that landed him in Parcell's dog house. He chuckled through much of the conversation, so you know he didn't take much of it to heart. Marcus Spears just eats up life like a warm burrito, and lives in the moment. When BP referred to him when saying, "I don't want any Chubby Checker's on this team", or to that effect, Spears just laughed it off and lost the weight.

    Players like Marcus Spears last a long time in the NFL. They realize how blessed they are every minute they are on the field, and negative stuff justs runs down their back like a duck in water. What a great guy to have on the Dallas Cowboys.
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    Thanks for the post. Good info. :starspin
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    I saw Spears on the show and agree with you.....he is very comfortable in front of the camera.
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    I agree. He was very well spoken and very confident.

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