Marcus spears on w/norm at 10:30 to talk dysfunction

Discussion in 'Drama Zone' started by theebs, Jan 22, 2014.

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    He said it right out.

    Jerry is right there everyday.

    What he is saying is that he undercuts his coaches authority. Jerry looms around as the boss of bosses changing the dynamics.

    This is why he mentioned that in a year in Baltimore he saw owner Steve biscotti one time and that newsome and harbaugh were allowed to do their jobs.

    in a nutshell, Jerry robs the coaches of authority and needs to back off. Also the job of general manger is so difficult and detailed the owner can not also be the general manager. Said newsome was always working.

    This is why parcells removed Jerry from the practice field early on.
  2. theebs

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    I hope he gets it.

    Jesse Holley is terrible.
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    Probably and his reasoning for ware to only have 6 sacks seemed off it was more than scheme. I think it payed a part but its not the big reason.
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    It's one thing for us to speculate and have a pretty good idea about how Valley Ranch operates. It's another thing to hear a player validate our beliefs.
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  5. theebs

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    Ad you have to note he has been laughing saying of course we knew Jerry is in charge.
  6. EPL0c0

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    "Said Jerry has a heavy hand in who is on the staff." --Marcus Spears

    "The owner is basically the coach. We've all seen it down there. He's making decisions on who's calling plays. He's making decisions on who he's hiring as assistant coaches." --Bill Cowher
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    I agree about the inner workings stuff. The Jerry stuff is tired. Jmo. What else happened in the locker room? What was up with Rat? Yea, I know he wasn't there, but all his friends in the team were.

    What were some of the interesting dynamics around the team? Call some folks out. Who had good work ethic? Who need ed prodding?

    Just saying...he mightve word ed it different, but he just regurgitated the same old, same old.
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    But Jerry said he can fix the Cowboys & besides he writes big checks & he's not doing that without knowing all about the players.

    In other words we're screwed till Jerry meets his Maker.

    He truly does not care what anyone thinks about how he runs his toy. He only makes changes when it suits him & he wants something like the stadium. He gets what he wants & he's right back at it.
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    Very true, Spears did exactly that and said Wade was the answer to his career
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  10. theebs

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    The identity of the team Needs to be cemented.

    Middle of the pack.

    Jerry looks at talent, grabs the available guy and usually are good players.

    But in order to win you need troops, sergeants, lieutenants.....witten, romo and Dez are lieutenants.

    Said Garrett should be the general of the team, but he is not and we don't know If he makes decisions.

    Said he can't say for 100% who makes decisions and that is the problem. Payers don't know who makes decisions. In Dallas players believe Jerry calls the shots.

    Said he didn't know if Jerry put in romo or bill.

    Said he thinks romo is a top guy and the players believe in him.

    problem here is they haven't won.
  11. theebs

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    On Garrett

    Jason is one of the best coaches he ever played for. Said he played the game and has a healthy respect for players playing the game.

    Said he is a good coach but he is limited in what he can do in Dallas.

    Good lord. Marcus has killed Jerry today.
  12. Chocolate Lab

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    LOL, says Garrett is a very good coach who is limited by Jerry. Norm finally got what he wanted.
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  13. theebs

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    For anyone who defends the jones family in the future just go back and listen to this.

    Jerry undermines the coaches and the players do not know who is in charge.

    And that is the cowboys problem. Right there.
  14. theebs

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    Marcus is trying to get into the media and has an interview tomorrow with a national media company.

    I assuming local espn.
  15. Boyzmamacita

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    Who did? Jerry?

    Edit: I saw the responses. It seems odd to give Jerry and Stephen credit as football guys with all the other stuff he said.
  16. RXP

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    Interesting he didn't mention Ware. As great as he is (was) athletically, I wish he was more of a leader.

    When Hatcher finally became a starter, he had to take the bull by the horns and be a leader. Sean Lee has been a leader almost since day 1.

    Ware never really has been one. It's just not in his DNA. Too bad.
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  17. JackWagon

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    Still think he is just repeating what we already knew ... sad really.
  18. RXP

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    Spears gave credit to the veteran players on the team.
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  19. birdwells1

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    The Jerry stuff is "tired" when it's Zoner against Zoner posting but from a player with this org for years it's enlightening for some and confirming to others.
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  20. BrAinPaiNt

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    He said they were the leaders on OFFENSE. Then Brought up Garrett and they went on that tangent of not knowing if Garrett was the General or Jerry and never got back to the top of who where the LTs or Sgts on defense.
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