Marcus spears on w/norm at 10:30 to talk dysfunction

Discussion in 'Drama Zone' started by theebs, Jan 22, 2014.

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    He would just use that as an excuse to keep his current puppet around. See, look what happened with Garrett. He just needed more time here.
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    Jerry is a lot like that 'cool' dad that tries to be one of the guys but doesn't realize that he's making everyone else uncomfortable.
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    Yeah. He'd probably curse himself and said "See I KNEW I should've held on to Garrett just a little bit longer. I nurtured him into being a successful coach, I can do it again! Art Briles, come coach for me and let me ruin your career."
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    I would have liked for him to add more specifics, but I liked what he said about being uncomfortable with the boss being over your shoulder 24/7/365. Could you imagine your boss being like that at your work? This is what Will Allen was referring to.
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    I really wish this weren't correct. Sadly, it seems to be.
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    1) It would have been nice to hear Spears' comments on the Ratliff situation.
    2) It would have been nice to hear how the Cowboys and the Ravens compare other than the little jab about only seeing Raven GM twice. Are the practices similar? How about Harbaugh vs. Garrett? And some examples of how Jerry negatively affect the coaches would have been nice.

    All in all, there wasn't a whole lot he said.
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    Ha! Jerry will see the light and ignore it.
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    Maybe he feels lik jj is the meat on the bone. Maybe he sees that as the main issue and the other issues will fall in place iff jj wasn't the gm.
  9. Ntegrase96

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    Happens to a lot of people, really. A lot of bosses micromanage.

    And typically it drives everyday people to leave their company for something better.
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    Why worry about coaches and players when you know the environment they work in is fatally flawed and can not hope to be successful?

    That's the reality of the situation here. Some fans can accept it, others can't and make villains out of those who can.

    We need Jerry to change. We're never going to get a sane Jerry, but another Parcells term is what I hope for. He decided not to do that this offseason, so the Cowboys have no chance whatsoever in 2014.
  11. Ntegrase96

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    Not trying to attack you, but if that's the case... what keeps you as a fan?

    Seriously, I wonder because I pretty much feel the same way as you do.
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  12. Alexander

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    The only thing that is "tired" about it is that it actually still has to be spelled out to some people who think Garrett actually runs the team and things are taking a turn for the better.

    In all actuality, we are still repeating the same thing that has existed under Phillips, Campo etc. The head coach, to a varying degree depending on who they are, is not allowed to do their job, pick their staff and dictate the tempo of the football team.
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    Interesting thing this past weekend.
    I was up in Lewisville at soccer. Fellow referee - Mexican - has a Cowboys chair.
    I say "Nice Chair!!" he replies - "Cowboys need to hire a GM."
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    Agreed, I don't know how Holley was allowed to talk football on the radio in the first place.
  15. hipfake08

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    Imagine if that is all he did - just the marketing. Going off what he has already done.
    He would have a few reality TV shows plus more products with Cowboy brand than the entire NFL.
    "Ahhhh... Charmin. The offical TP of the Dallas Cowboys."
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    I feel that some of you complaining about discussion on jerry jones, is missing the big point. Here it is: If you remember after parcells was let go, jerry was drunk and videoed by a guy on his phone. Jerry spilled the beans and said, I had to hire him, they were on my back, and jerry even talked about parcells. Old saying is when your drunk, your true feelings come out. Jerry said they were on his back, he had to get backing to get his new stadium, only way he could do that was get a very good head coach in here. Was reported that even parcells ran jerry off the field of practice. So, point is jerry had to get support from financial backers for his new stadium.

    Reports are that the cowboys have lost sales the last 2-3 years, by at least 20 % or more. Jerry is being hit in the pocketbook. And if I am right from what I heard, jerry still owes a big monthly bill to the banks each month on bank note, and its a big huge sum.

    So, to my thinking, if we get a bunch of former players (hopefully a coach that is retired or 2, to spill the beans, on jerry how him being on the field, is undermining the head coach and coaches. Like one guy, how would you feel every day your owner is at your job, watching you, that undermines the managers, people in charge, because the owner is there. If that goes on every day, then yes, that is a problem. If we can get a bunch of former players, coaches, and media guys to back this up, put the ball back in jerry court, ask him, how would he feel if he was a coach, and the big boss was there every day, watching, talking, undermining what he had to do? At same time, get the fans, media to get onto jerry back, show him, since he has done it his way past 18 years, and he is the common denominator for those 18 years, then that really needs to change.

    Players know when jerry is there, he is the boss, even Gregg ellis went to jerry a time or two over parcells. See, the problem, get all these players, coaches and media to present this to jerry, not just one, but a bunch, with us fans hollering to. We all love Jerry Jones as owner, let him know that, but as GM he is killing the dallas cowboys and us fans.

    Something has to change, or he will keep losing sales. And cowboys glory will be no more.

    Again, that's my thoughts, and some of you may not like it or agree. But if jerry jones had to get backing for his stadium, he is losing money now, then maybe this is the way to approach him.
  17. WoodysGirl

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    I work in a corporate environment. Boss is always around. Doesn't stop me from performing on the job. You accept the parameters of the work environment and you work to excel in it.

    But I'm glad you see my point about just adding more to the discussion.

    JJ is not the only piece of meat on the bone. And he could very well see that as the main issue, but what are some of the others. What does he think of the talent on the field? What's the lockerroom environment like sans the coaches? Are their cliques?

    There's so much more to the Cowboys storyline that just Jerry. All roads lead to Jerry, but what's on those roads can affect the team too.

    You basically reiterated what I was saying.. Yeah, it should get old repeating yourself to folks who don't want to agree with your stance on the inner workings of the team. It's an old never-ending argument where folks aren't going to change their mind. Which is why folks should then consider looking at other aspects of the team.

    Spears had an opportunity to really provide some background on things and he fell right in line with the rest of the media folks, hook, line, and sinker. It's too bad.

    That said, I think if he's engaging enough, he'll do well.
  18. BoysFan4ever

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    I'm pretty sure Joe that Jerry is making money hand over fist year after year. One of the many reasons he doesn't care what people think. Why should he if he's profiting?

    And really this has always boiled down to one thing with Jerry. EGO! He has a huge one.
  19. GimmeTheBall!

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    I look forward to Ratliff's interview on dysfunction.
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    You don't believe the experts around here?

    Oh ye of little faith, midswat.

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