Marcus spears on w/norm at 10:30 to talk dysfunction

Discussion in 'Drama Zone' started by theebs, Jan 22, 2014.

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    Yes, and he has stated before that he would like to go into broadcasting once he retires.
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    Nah, I heard his book is better.
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    Campo didn't have Romo.

    That's pretty much the difference between 5-11 and 8-8.
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    A perfect title would be: "We need you": Days of Rage at Valley Ranch"
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    LOL agree, if you dont know Jerry is calling the shots then you have problems. Typical of norm not asking questions we didnt know. How come they cant win. How come the players play with a sense of urgency. I have to say if the players are worrying about who runs the show then thats the problem there. youre a player just worry about what youre doing on the field.
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    Lmao at posts like this. You really think that people are going to come out and bash a guy who has made the league billions of dollars? You think it's in former coaches and players best interest to come out and talk trash about a powerful guy in their line of work? Where do you people come up with this stuff?
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    Successful people get to where they are because of that thing called ego
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    Maybe I am misinterpreting what you are saying, but claiming he is "falling in line with the rest of the media folks" suggests that there is something wrong with what he said since as we all know the media is "evil".

    Honestly, there is still doubt in this very fanbase that Jones is not hindering the coaches being able to do their jobs.

    That cannot be repeated enough because some still do not accept it as fact.

    I understand you want new and unique things but honestly, that is not something that is even relevant. That is like wondering about the paint color is when the entire building is on fire.
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    From what I gather from the interview and its my opinion too that most of the problem stem frm jj. Fix that proble and the other will be fixed. Really no reason for him to talk about the other problems when he thinks thise problems stem from jj. Jmo.
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    I have the boss around all the time too, but the problem is that she has no clue what she is doing and makes stupid decisions and comes up with dumb ideas. It's nerve-wracking knowing that at any moment she can come up with more stupidity. Her problem is that she lacks experience, and knowledge of what the job entails.

    Jerry has lots of experience, but still lacks the knowledge of how to do the job.
  11. WoodysGirl

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    For clarity, I don't find the media evil, at all. I was a journalism student, so I always feel they're doing their job to the best of their ability. Some better than others. I just find many of the stories produced by the local media to be filler-material. Rarely, do you see them stretch their chops to produce something that's deeper than the surface-level reporting.

    So when I said that Spears fell right in line with the rest of them, he didn't provide anything deeper than what we've heard, speculated about, or have already from others already.

    As for my want of something new, it doesn't have to be fluff-level about how Player A is a jokester and Player B loves country music. I'm suggesting that he provide examples of the things he was talking about. Rob Ryan acts like a player, because he did this and that. Jerry made players uncomfortable. How? When? He thought Rob Ryan was a Jerry hire. Why did he think that?

    Simple stuff like that.. I realize he's not media yet, but Norm is...and it seems Norm left alot of questions unanswered in this interview. As fans, we're simply left to speculate even more. Had Spears offered up specifics, then we'd have some real meat on the bones to discuss.

    Discussing Jerry's too involved is not exactly groundbreaking information. Examples of why a player might feel he is could be interesting for discussion.
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    OK. This thread just confirmed that I will be drinking tonight. Yup, it's tired, it's same old same old, but it's the truth and it sucks.
  13. big dog cowboy

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    We have a QB now. Clearly he is worth 3 extra wins.
  14. BrAinPaiNt

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    I think in some cases (norm's fault or not) Spears did not offer more specifics because he does not know all of the specifics.

    He said many times that he felt this or that but did not know for sure.

    The one thing he did seem dead on saying that was fact and not feeling was that Jerry was in charge.

    Well as WG has posted and to part of her point.....DUH

    We know this already. Not only have the media talked about it over and over, not only has the fans talked about it over and over....JERRY has said this over and over.

    Even when Bill Parcells was introduced as the new Coach Jerry, and Bill, both clarified that Jerry had the Final Say.

    The only thing that I seen change in what Jerry and the HC would say concerning that was when he said that there would not be a player on this team that Jason did not want...I don't know if this was a discussion between the two due to the whole Bill and TO situation and that being Jerry's call or not. Or if Jerry was being serious at that time but has changed his mind and reverted back to old Jerry...or if he was full of it back at that time.

    I just found it odd that he made sure that everyone knew that he had Final say when Bill was hired but said that Jason would not have players on this team he did not want. That part was interesting.

    But back to WGs point...nothing in that interview with spears really gave us any new information that was not reported on before or has been basic common knowledge on this forum by many fans (I said many, not all as some will never admit a difference due to their own ego and/or agendas).

    I don't know why people are having any issue with what WG has said concerning this other than to just want to argue for the sake of the argument.
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    Compare the Baltimore Ravens (est. 1996) success to the Cowboys success from 1996 to 2013 and that will give you an answer of why they have accomplished more than our favorite team. Spears information is valid.
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    Tonight? I started at 10 A.M..
    I don't have a problem...
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    Arguing/debating over opinions on a forum. Imagine that.
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    See what im talking about WG? Even when someone from the inside confirms what most of us knew, you got these folks. Smh.
  19. Future

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    What? All I'm saying is that Spears didn't say anything that was "enlightening." What is your point?
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    The first thing parcells said when he came here was you have to cut off the pipeline from the players to the Owner or the coach will never have any authority

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