Marcus Vick goes on rant during MNF

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by Achilleslastand, Nov 6, 2012.

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    Yeah it's not really an either or thing. Depends on what you're doing. For example, if you're studying a dying language, it most likely has no written record, so the only way you can actually study it is by actually listening to the few remaining speakers. Other languages, for example dead languages, have no more living speakers and only a written record. I do more of theoretical and mathematical study, using mathematical logic and syntax to create voice-recognizing computer programs.
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    Ok. Sounds challenging.
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    :laugh2: Do you even understand why I said it that way? It was sarcasm.

    Short minds..... please keep up.
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    Lock up your teenage daughters, Marcus Vick is out of the penitentiary.
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    Is Marcus Vick allowed to vote? I don't know the full extent of his legal issues, but I do think he is a convicted felon. He may not have fulfilled his obligations to gain back his right to vote. :D
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    Short minds? You realize you called him an embarrassment because he speaks in Ebonics, his everyday vernacular, on Twitter? I'm sure he is an embarrassment for other reasons, but you can't judge a person for the dialect they speak in. The majority of Black Americans speak or know Ebonics, and most of them are capable of switching between Ebonics and Standard English depending on where they are. It doesn't make them an embarrassment because they speak that way on informal social networking sites. Sure, there were a few punctuation errors, but most of the grammatical "errors" he made follow the grammatical rules of Ebonics.

    A punctuation error is missing a comma or a period, like many people, black and white, Standard English and Ebonics, do on the Internet, even here on CowboysZone. A grammatical error is when you violate the grammatical rules of your dialect. It isn't an error when he speaks in the same Ebonics that millions of other Black Americans speak. You can't tell me millions of people are constantly making errors when they speak.
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    did Marcus tweet that prison? Since when are we allowing inmates to have cell phones?

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