Margus Hunt

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by xwalker, Nov 6, 2012.

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    Has anybody watching him this year?

    My "scouting report":

    He lines up primarily in a 3-man line. He is often the primary outside rusher on his side without an OLB next to him.

    Great length at 6-7, and appears to have long arms. Very good speed/quickness for a guy his size. Also very agile.

    He gets a lot of pressure against the QB from both outside and inside rushes.

    He appears to have good upper body strength.

    He can be moved out in the running game, sometimes by a single blocker.

    He often ends up on the ground.

    He has a lot of "almost" plays. He almost sacks the QB or he almost tackles the RB in the backfield.

    They make a big deal about him blocking kicks, but I would like to see him knocking down passes (i.e. doing the JJ Swatt).

    Although he does have some success as an outside rusher, I don't envision him as a 4-3 DE. His fit in the NFL appears to be at the 5-technique (3-4 DE).

    He might become a great pass rushing 5-technique in the NFL, but he could have problems against the run. He will need to add some weight and probably get up to at least 295 lbs.

    Possible comparison:
    Calais Campbell
    (from pre-draft measurements)
    Height 6-8
    Weight 290
    Forty: 5.0
    Bench reps: 16

    Margus Hunt
    (Projected measurements)
    Height 6-7
    Weight 280
    Forty: 4.7
    Bench reps: 35
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    Boom or bust, plus he is like 26. Wouldnt draft before 3rd round.
  3. xwalker

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    Thanks for the age info. I didn't realize that he is 26.
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    Hell of an athlete, but not much of a football player from what I've seen. Good development project but the whole 26 thing as someone else pointed out is kind of a problem. 4th round and he could be a steal, any earlier and he could be a bust.

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