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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by CowboyChris, Dec 5, 2012.

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    anyone know how he has done with the Bucs this year? we had our choice of Claibourne or Barron at #6
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    The Bucs have the worst (one of) secondaries in the NFL. Barron is asked to be more of a patrol hitman than an coverage safety. He has been very up and down. Very much like a rookie. Some flashes of greatness and some OH NO!

    I expect both to continue to adapt to the game and improve.
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    Take these stats from PFF with a grain of salt.

    Grade: -5.9 36/44 (-0.3 Rush, -8.0 Coverage, 2.0 Run Support, 0.4 Penalties)

    Run Stop - 5/50 (S who have played in 60% of snaps)

    Tackling - 35/44 (75%)

    Coverage - 22/38 (75%)

    Pass Rush - 19/34 (25%)

    For comparisons sake, here's where our safeties have ranked.

    Grade - McCray -0.2 (33/53) Sensabaugh -2.1 (39/53).
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    He made some plays early in the year, I haven't seen enough of the Bucs to about anything since.

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