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Discussion in 'Artwork Zone' started by ghst187, Mar 29, 2005.

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  2. Crown Royal

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    Clayton makes Williamson look like a FB catching out of the backfield. He runs ABSOLUTELY CRISP ROUTES, which is a great feature for a guy that fast. I would consider him at number 20. Wow.
  3. irvin88

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    I agree !! Kid looks awesome. That Troy Williamson looked like Stepfret Williams to me. Small and average.
  4. Dough Boy

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    You should get your eyes checked.
  5. NYCowboy22

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    Dougboy I dont know what you see in Williamson. He doesn't look like anything special. Judging from the video he is lanky, weak and doesn't have vision or football speed. Now I'm not about to base my judgements of a player on a video, but it was supposed to be a HIGHLIGHT video and he looked very mediocre. If he can't break tackles and run from corners on the college level, what do you think he will do in the NFL? :eek:
  6. PA Cowboy11

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    Wow! I dont get to see OU that much but this kid has some skillz!
  7. Dough Boy

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    I've seen him play for three years. I'm basing my opinion on that and not some highlight reel.

    He broke several tackles in the video and he can run by any corner - college or pro. I guess I have to ask, did you at least watch the video. Willimason speed is not in question by anyone other than you. They guy can flat out fly. :eek:
  8. Fletch

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    With that being said, Clayton is the better WR. Also played against much better competition. Clayton didn't have the luxury of playing teams like Vandy. :rolleyes: If he did, it wouldn't have even been funny.

    I'd take Clayton at #20. Hopefully he is there when we pick.
  9. jimmy40

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    Amazing how much DJ carried Texas overated defense.
  10. Dough Boy

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    I think Clayton is the better WR today, but I think Troy will be better in 2 years. JMO.

    Also, the SEC is no push over. It is hard to compare Troy to Clayton. Troy didn't play in a pass happy offense; he didn't have a Heisman QB and was the only threat on O. I'm not making any excesses, I think Clayton is the better receiver today, I just think that Willimason will be the better prospect in 2 years.
  11. Fletch

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    Geeeze, had to watch Mark Clayton's video again. This kid has PLAYMAKER written all over him. This guy could be a better version of Torry Holt. Damn, wouldn't mind seeing him in Dallas.

    Troy Williamson looks like a Division 3 WR compared to Clayton. And Roddy who?

    Troy being better than Mark in two years? Highly doubt that. Clayton knows how to get to the endzone and break tackles.
  12. wxcpo

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    Yeah I would certainly place Clayton as the #3 WR in the draft behind Williams and Edwards. Williamson is #4 IMO, but I would be disappointed if we ended up with either of these guys.
  13. big dog cowboy

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    Riight now, night and day difference between these 2 WR's in my eyes. Down the road who knows. Williamson has a little speed advantage on Clayton. But will his WR skills match Clayton's???
  14. InmanRoshi

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    What's the purpose of even having a draft forum?
  15. Rack Bauer

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    I was wondering the same thing myself.
  16. lane

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    mark clayton would look great in a cowboy uniform!!!
  17. Muhast

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    I watched NFL playbook on today on Dallas..

    Talked about roy moving to SS, BADLY needed a cb even after Henry signing, Rivera a great pick up. (may have been a re-run)

    they showed Claytons highlights, one he catches a pass across the middle, and then makes 2 spin moves and makes a HUGE play out a small one. i'm very high on him now.
  18. Phrozen Phil

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    Clayton's only knock appears to be size, but he's not really that small. He's durable, tough, quick and runs great routes. If he was there at #20, the Cowboys would be crazy no to tke him. I think he's the best receiver in this draft. His stock should be higher than it is.
  19. hendog

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    Not to mention the fact that he did not drop a pass the entire week of senior bowl practice or in the game.
  20. TheEnigma

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    I noticed his hands in the highlights, he makes it look like the balls have a homing device into his grasp.

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