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Discussion in 'Artwork Zone' started by ghst187, Mar 29, 2005.

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    As someone else said, the impressive thing is how he uses his speed. He's not a straight-line runner. He can twist and turn and then regain his balance and accelerate to top gear in a split second.

    The hands were mentioned above, and that coupled with the balance is what stuck out to me. He has a tremendous knack for not going down on first contact, which seems to say something about the toughness of a receiver considered somewhat small.
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    i'd say his closest comparison.... Dante hall. Do you see his cutting ability? He stops on a dime, and regains full speed in no time. Amazing.

    People always worry about size... Well terry glenn was off to a great year before he was hurt. L. Coles is just 5'10. There are many 6' or under recievers in the league. Now thats not to say every smaller reciever is good, my point is just he wouldnt be the first, people are buying to much into height/
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    That's not very comforting since Dante Hall is a well below average wide receiver.

    Its not his height that bothers me, its his style.

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