Mark Cuban says NFL will implode in 10 years

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by Afigueroa22, Mar 24, 2014.

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    Sounds like some guy who spent a lot of money on an NBA team is afraid his investment will tank. I haven't watched an NBA game for probably 20 years.

    The NBA has its hands full competing with college basketball and hockey and a little baseball, soccer, and NASCAR. The NBA is basically left with leftover viewers at this point. If the NFL starts taking those leftovers away from the NBA, the NBA is in some serious trouble. The NBA salaries will drop and more athletes will choose football over basketball.
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    I don't think the nfl having one extra game on Thursday every week is over saturation at all.
  3. Alexander

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    Poor scheduling is what will kill the NFL. If they put the right games on television, it would be huge.

    SNF is an event like MNF used to be back in the day. If the NFL wants to expose itself more, the attention has to be paid to the scheduling.

    Too many times last year, ESPN's game was a horrible matchup. Same for the Thursday NFLN games.

    The only issue is that the networks are not going to want to let the prime match-ups get away.
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    They are looking to new Markets - Overseas.
    And there are too many games on. Just TV Dallas every other week plus home games and we are in a happy world.
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    Don't let facts get in the way
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    Yes he is.
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    I completely agree with Cuban. I think before people go off the deep end, he's not saying that 'football' will implode. He's saying that the NFL will implode.

    They are going to over saturate the market and continue to drive away the fans that have been loyal, but not exactly diehard. The fans have grown used to watching the NFL on Sundays and now they are looking to schedule games on Thursdays, Saturdays, and Mondays.

    They are likely going to move to London which will be a disaster. Good luck getting top talent to want to play there. Or the ridiculous TV times to watch games if an opposing team plays the London Jaguars.

    They will try and get a Super Bowl in London which is a slap in the face of the American football fan.

    They are also going on the route of 'offense sells tickets.' This is the same fallacy that MLB went on and it helped kill the popularity of the game. Offense doesn't sell tickets, playing styles sell tickets. Boxing is about the purest form of competition and styles make for great boxing matches. It's the same with any sport. If the styles are all the same and there is no difference, the fans lose interest and those cherished records being broken come off as fraudulent.

    The problem is we have a boob for a Commissioner, but since he's the owner's lapdog he'll stay in power. He routinely gets embarrassed and amazingly has still been lucky in not being embarrassed further. He was extremely lucky that the Super Bowl in NY wasn't a sham because the weather suddenly turned nice a couple of days before the Super Bowl. But, the pre-SB activities were horrendous because the weather was so bad on those days. I get the feeling he has no idea how lucky he got. And eventually that luck will run out.

  8. Yakuza Rich

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    Cuban has never looked at the Mavs as an investment. He's looked at it as something he wanted to do. He's freely admitted to losing money owning the Mavs since the get-go.

  9. burmafrd

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    exactly. to my way of thinking the NBA got marginalized to an extent when it all became about scoring points and dunking. The expansion of the game overseas is the only reason the NBA is not hockey. International players and fans have cushioned things but that is all.

    Anyone with a brain should see that American Football will NEVER be big overseas. Just not going to happen. And this was before the concusion etc problem started; you think that a lot of countries are not going to think about that if we tried to put the NFL in Europe?

    as regards Goodell only idiots do not understand that he does not wipe his rear end without asking the owers first. He only does what they want him to do and nothing else.
  10. Zimmy Lives

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    Mark Cuban's head will implode if he allows it to get any bigger.
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    Since football teams play fewer games, each one has more significance, and keeps the season interesting. So, expanding the number of games played each year would dilute that, and I and the NFLPA would be against it.

    The recent no-huddle styles have helped keep the viewers' attention, but the "touch" penalties and review delays have been distractions.

    While we may not be happy with the some of this evolution, the real enemy of football is the long-term disabilities and their legal ramifications.

    The league and owners (and even college football) may not be able to survive in its current form once the floodgates of lawsuits open, resulting in billions of dollars in losses that set a precedent for future losses. Clearly, the current trend in contact penalties represents a position against the promotion of violence, but that does not lessen the liability and exposure. We will therefore see continued improvements in protective equipment, such as helmets with crush zones, and the expanded use of new materials like kevlar and carbon fiber in pads and braces.

    The game will become even more expensive and less accessible except through the media, so the media will continue to profit as long as the game remains a spectacle. The collisions and injuries of "gladiator" conflicts are definitely part of the attraction, but that unfortunately must be minimized due to the obvious liability.

    So, Cuban is not entirely incorrect in his prediction of NFL product risk in the next 10 years, but the actual villain is the spectacle itself, and the mandatory changes to come.

    (Lawyers screw up everything eventually)
  12. cowboy_ron

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    Cuban needs to concern himself with the losing team he owns...they have done nothing since winning their only championship
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    Even when they have the chance for good match ups they mess It Up How in any season is Browns bills going to be a good game on tnf
  14. ninja

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    a) if so, then he is not a very bright
    b) he is doing a lousy job marketing his shiny toy, the NBA
    c) the NBA is, to him, like Lionel trains are to some. Both are dying hobbies with a few diehards trying to keep the brand going against immeasurable odds.
  15. Little Jr

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    I was talking about mnf. The thur night games aren't going to take a lot of the good games away from the networks. they pay big money for them games. That will change this year with cbs also broadcasting the games.
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    I'm not sure why people are ragging on Cuban. He is a much smarter business man OVERALL..diversity... and owner than Jones. The guy gets it. Has he made some bad moves. Sure. But he own up and some of them still leave the team in good shape. They are 42-29 right now. Not losing. Watch Shark Tank. The guy is brilliant. Wish he'd take over for Jerry. Now I am not an NBA fan and its the 5th rated sport in North America. So I don't think it will get a lot better. But his points about the NFL are true. The crap they have had for Thursday night games is pitiful.

    Jerry's response to Cuban was :

    Yes you do Jerry. You know more about putting lipstick on a pig and calling it a team and a coach.
  17. Yakuza Rich

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    He's a billionaire that doesn't have to worry about money. And he continues to rake in millions of dollars in other ventures.

    He has no say over the way the NBA markets itself. He does have a say in the way the Mavericks market themselves. The Mavs were a moribund franchise before him and now they are an extremely popular franchise.

    And if he ever decides to sell the Mavericks, it will be at a monster profit at the end.

    So saying he isn't bright is just a short sighted view on things.

  18. BoysFan4ever

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    I do not know about other sports but the NFL is already too expensive for a lot of people.
  19. Yakuza Rich

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    Football won't happen overseas because it is too expensive to play.

    Of course, they are more interested in fans overseas, but I tend to find that hard to believe you can sustain fans if they don't play the sport, have no intention of playing the sport and cannot have lower level football in their communities (high school, college, semi-pro).

    It's a far cry from basketball which is very affordable and less hazardous to somebody's health. IMO, what has killed basketball is the refereeing, above and beyond anything. The refs are so afraid to call fouls that it completely slows down the pace of play and makes it harder to score. Then we get into the Olympics and we here about the US team's superior defense, but they get torched out on the perimeter all game long. The only time the US has superior defense is in the paint, but that is due to having much bigger and superior athletes in the front court. When the hand-checking and reaching in is taken away in the Olympics, the US can't defend the perimeter very well.

    And it generally makes for a more enjoyable game to watch.

    Just my .02

  20. StylisticS

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    What losing team does he own? They've missed the playoffs how many times since he's been owner?

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