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Mark Stepnoski, conspiracy theorist?

Discussion in 'Political Zone' started by DallasCowpoke, Nov 13, 2007.

  1. DallasCowpoke

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    From GoErie.com

    Q. Anything else you want people to know?

    A. Well, you asked. I’ve got a lot of things I like to do, I read a lot and travel and all that. I don’t even know if you want to get into this, since it’s a little bit political in tone. But I’m really interested now in the things the 9/11 truth movement is doing. I guess I could spend a lot time talking about that and cover all kinds of policies and statistics, but I don’t know how much people want to know.

    It interests me because I don’t think we’re being told truth about what really happened on Sept. 11, 2001. I’m highly skeptical of government accounts of what really happened. It’s one of those things that really won’t go away. I’ve been reading about that event and studying about it a great deal. I’ve read several books and a lot online pretty much since it happened, just because I’m curious about it and just because of other events in our historical past, like the Kennedy assassination for example.

    Before anyone wants to try and pigeonhole me as conspiracy theorist, it’s like a lot of things. If you’re just willing to scratch beneath the surface and do a little research maybe you can find out some things, maybe more people would be more skeptical about our government’s involvement with 9/11.

    I used to read a lot of things on one Web site called “From the Wilderness.” The site no longer exists. It was run by a guy named Mike Ruppert, who wrote one of the best books on the subject called “Crossing the Rubicon.” It came out right after the 9/11 Commission report a few years ago, and I read it right after it came out.

    We’re being lied to. That’s what bothers me the most. There’s a lot of evidence in almost any area of the entire event, and you can bring up a lot of inconsistencies and unanswered questions just about the event itself. Two of the three steel-frame buildings that day collapsed due to fire, and that’s never happened before, never in history. But that day it happened three times, including one building that didn’t get hit by a plane. Building Number 7 didn’t get hit by a plane and it went straight down in six and a half seconds. In the vast majority of U.S. cities that would have been the tallest building in the city. It had nothing but a couple of small fires on a couple of floors, but it fell down at free-fall speed in six and a half seconds. There are several engineers and architects who have made the argument that it was a controlled demolition because, again, there’s never been a steel building collapse due to fire. So how can it happen three times in one day?

    There are many, many other things I could talk about, several inconsistencies we could talk about for a long time. If you read some of the authors like Mike Ruppert and Barrie Zwicker, and look at some Web sites, you can get a fuller account. A whole lot of insider trading occurred beforehand, and that’s a huge red flag that there was foreknowledge of the event. There were large financial transactions made ahead of time, a lot of trades made to buy stock in United and American airlines beforehand with the expectation that those stocks were going to go down drastically. A lot of the hijackers from the list released by FBI — a lot of those guys are alive. Many, many guys on the list are the wrong identity. One guy was a pilot for Saudi Airlines, another guy is living in Lebanon and is suing the U.S. government to clear his name.

    I’m compelled because as time goes on there is a greater and greater growing voice among people in areas involved with different aspect of that day. You have pilots speaking about what would be involved with trying to fly a plane into the Pentagon that day in the way that it was portrayed. You have architects and engineers speaking out over the actual explanation that jet fuel could melt steel and cause buildings to collapse. You have former people who worked in the Bush administration or the military who have come forward to express doubt about the official story.

    Consider the fact that the Bush administration really fought the formation of the 9/11 Commission the whole way. It fought over who was going to head it and who was going to be on it. Initially Henry Kissinger was supposed to be the chairman, but he stepped aside because of conflict of interest issues. The commission didn’t come together until a year and a half after the event. … And you think about how the government spent $15 million on the commission to investigate 9/11, which sounds like a lot. But then you make the comparison that the government spent $40 million to investigate the Monica Lewinsky affair. I certainly share a lot of those views.
  2. iceberg

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    intereting points. he'd be fun to "light one up" with and talk about things like this. while i'm not much into the conspiracy side of things - counter questions i'd ask are - is bush a good actor? it's not easy to make yourself cry on demand. unless he started pulling nose hairs when no one was looking.

    we've never had 2 buildings that went so high get hit by a plane before either. if one can do it can't the "twin" react the same way? no idea on the 3rd building but it's a good point to consider.

    the "insider trading" - why would i buy stock in an airline that's about to be badly publisized and then travel curtailed by both fear and security?

    buy stock - watch it get cut in half for value. who's to gain here? am i missing the obvious here? (it's happened before)

    it would be interesting to know. i'd worry about it FAR LESS if bush had a more open policy. but his "we must know all about you and you know nothing about us" approach doesn't sit well with me.

    the problem with trying to get to the bottom of this are there are the whack jobs who say the planes had bombs on them, and all the other impossible events that would have to surround that. i'd have to believe that if they put bombs on 3 planes SOMEONE would see it. the more people aware of the conspiracy the harder to keep it one.

    good post - thanks!
  3. zrinkill

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    Someone is getting a raging clue!
  4. joseephuss

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    I don't understand stocks well enough to know how it works. I guess there is a way to buy futures at a low price and somehow make money. That is the theory with 9/11 and the airline stocks or something like that. I don't believe in it, but have heard it.

    WTC #7 had more than just some small fires burning. The fires were actually kind of large and firefighters had a difficult time dealing with them due to a shortage of water pressure. WTC #7 also had been damaged by debris when the big towers came down. It incorporated a truss type of system for some of its main supports. Some of those main supports were damaged and then add in the fire and it was just a matter of time before it fell.

    I don't believe in major conspiracies when it comes to 9/11. I don't think the government made it happen. I don't believe Bush and company or anyone else knew the attacks were going to occur and then ust let it happen. I just think a bunch of people in charge dropped the ball. It covers lots of people, agencies and administrations. Before anyone says I am just blaming Bush, I am not. His administration is partly to blame, but most certainly is not alone in that department. Clinton and older Bush also played a part.

    Have we been told the whole truth concerning 9/11? Probably not and that is because a whole lot of people just don't want to be blamed for their failures. It is not a cover up of malicious intent, but a cover up of their incompetence. There is a whole lot of information that is available for us every day people to read and peruse.

    The craziest theory I have heard is that the US government took the people off of one plane and then crashed it into the pentagon with explosives. That theory did not explain what then happend to those people. Were they executed? Are they out there and just not talking? Simply crazy.
  5. iceberg

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    i like reading your replies. i don't always agree but it's based on logic i can follow and understand.

    my brother lost a very close friend who was in the 1st plane. he said he was the type that if *anyone* had a clue as to what was happening he'd get up and fight w/o question. and like you say - getting people off a plane? that goes to my point of the more people involved the harder to keep quiet.

    then, if they "died" on the plane, wouldn't they have to be issued death certificates? if their family knew they were on the plane and suddenly they show up the next day - how do you explain that?

    then as you say - execute them instead? hell, just leave 'em on the plane.

    circular logic only gets you into circles.
  6. jterrell

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    conspiracy theories tend to give me tiredhead.
    I do not believe our government knew about nor participated in 9/11.
    they may have been negligent in some ways but actively sanctioning or participating in? nope, do not buy that.

    I do believe Cuba and Russia played role in the assassination of JFK however.
  7. iceberg

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    i think we had our guard down.
    i think we misread a lot of intelligence.
    i think we could have done a better post-911 job overall.

    but this is the road we're on and i hope we get through it w/o tearing each other up in the process.

    as for misreading intel - can you imagine how many threats come in each day? trying to link them together with activities going on even stateside can't be easy. we had a lot of failures on that one but then again, that happens in time. hard for it NOT to.
  8. arglebargle

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    Very well put. I don't hold with much of the conspiracy stuff on this either. And the take on covering up mistakes is dead on. There's the old maxim 'Don't ascribe to malice what can be explained by incompetance'.
  9. arglebargle

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    I think it much more likely that the anti-Castro Cubans were in on it. But it would pretty much explain the governments intense antipathy to Castro. Interestingly enough, the French Secret Service report on the Kennedy assassination claimed that anti-Castro Cubans, ex-CIA agents and Mafia guys were the 'providers', with the money coming from a combine of rich American businessmen. Given that ex-CIA boss Dulles was brought in to handle the investigations of the Warren Commission, and he had been fired by Kennedy.... There is also evidence that Dulles was quite happy to pin the blame on scapegoats in other instances. Certainly the Warren Commsiion was awash in cover ups. The real question being, what exactly was being covered up?
  10. ConcordCowboy

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    As much as I dislike Bush...even I don't think he knew/had anything to do with 9/11. These people need to really drop that.

    Now that being said...

    Pass the Dutchie.
  11. ConcordCowboy

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    Oh and I absolutely...totally agree with Stepnoski that MJ should be legalized.

    The Government should grow it, tax it and sell it and let me get on with my life without being a lawbreaker.
  12. iceberg

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    if you're in ohio, i'm now officially jealous. meigs county???
  13. ConcordCowboy

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    No Lake County in Northeast Ohio.

    We have quite a few farms here.:D
  14. BrAinPaiNt

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    I can see meigs county from where I work. :D Only a few minutes to get on the bridge and go across to go there if I should wish.
  15. iceberg

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    of all the mean things you've ever said to me bp... :)
  16. thescarface1989

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    I also think the anti-Castro exiles were involved as well,


    I'm thinking bosch and posada carriles are not being deported because "they know too much".:D
  17. jterrell

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    It is intensely interesting.
  18. jterrell

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    I figured I'd share my favorite of the JFK conspiracies:
    I think it the most likely because it matches common sense with actual behaviors of those involved.

    Cuban conspiracy

    This theory is succinctly expressed in the following reported remark of Lyndon Johnson: "Kennedy was trying to kill Castro. Castro got him first",[87][88] and in purported incidents.

    On September 7, 1963, Castro entered the Brazilian embassy in Havana and granted an unusual interview to an American reporter. Castro stated that the leaders of the U.S. government would not be safe if they continued their efforts to kill Cuban leaders. Castro's remarks were widely reported in the American press.[88]

    In some variations this theory is compounded with the Organized Crime theory; they both had reasons to hate JFK, and Castro is supposed to have paid the Mafia off by allowing them to use Cuban ports to smuggle drugs into the United States.

    Another theory of the involvement of a Cuban secret service was recently published by an investigation of German journalists Wilfried Huismann and Heribert Blondiau. In their documentary "Rendezvous with Death" (Rendezvous mit dem Tod) for public German television station ARD, they present various sources formerly within the FBI, KGB and Cuban service G-2, which state the following:

    Oswald contacted the Cuban embassy in Mexico City in September 1963, maybe already planning to assassinate the President out of personal motives (frustration with both political systems in the U.S. and the Soviet Bloc). However it is not quite clear whether this was really Oswald's initiative or a Cuban idea. Following this, the Cuban intelligence Service G-2 keeps contact. Fidel Castro, enraged about the multiple assassination plots against him supported by the American CIA and the President's brother Robert F. Kennedy, had already sent out multiple warnings to the U.S. government to stop these plots. Frustrated by their futility, the Cuban leadership decides to support Oswald by sending him money through a high-ranking G-2 official acting as courier. Oswald then returns to the U.S. and carries out the assassination successfully. He is allegedly left to believe there is an escape plan for him prepared by Cuba, although there is not.

    The FBI investigation following the assassination then traces back Oswald's contact to the Cuban embassy in Mexico and, supported by Mexican authorities, finds out about Oswald's contacts to G-2, and reports this back. The presidential bureau of Lyndon Johnson however, does not want this information to become public out of the following political considerations:

    * A feared right-wing and anti-Castro uprising in the U.S. which would mean probable defeat to the Democrats in the next election;

    * Fear of a possible and probable nuclear war between the U.S. and the Soviet Bloc following a retaliatory invasion of Cuba by U.S. forces.

    Thus, the U.S. government orders the stop of the Mexican investigation and keeps the findings to themselves. Following this theory, tragically, unknowingly and unwillingly, Robert Kennedy is in a way responsible for his brother's death, through his efforts to support an assassination of Fidel Castro. He was said to have found out about this and be devastated.

    Doubts as to the credibility of this theory were expressed by the German magazine "Focus". However, they were rejected by ARD and the authors of the documentary.[89]
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