Mathieu off team

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    Mathieu off team

    Alleva: ‘He’s a good kid, but he broke the rules’

    Advocate sportswriter
    August 11, 2012
    Tyrann Mathieu, a Heisman Trophy finalist a year ago and the most dynamic player on LSU’s preseason No. 1-ranked football team, was permanently dismissed from the Tigers on Friday — bringing to an end a career that lasted only two years but was easily one of the most colorful in school history, teeming with big highlights, a catchy nickname and slices of controversy.

    LSU coach Les Miles said the dismissal of Mathieu, a junior defensive back/punt returner from New Orleans, was for “violation of team policy.” Neither Miles nor athletic director Joe Alleva, who both spoke at a brief midday news conference, said which policy was violated by Mathieu, who was held out of a game against Auburn last season for a violation that was widely reported to be a second failed drug test.

    “I’m not going to confirm or deny either one,” Alleva said.

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    "Good kids" don't break the rules to an extent they're kicked off the team.
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    Wondr if he'll find his way to Baylor like all those other "troubled" kids this offseason :laugh2:
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    Everybody I know that's met him has nothing good to say about him as a person.
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    In that case everyone deserves a second chance, quit being judgmental :D

    Sic Em Honey Badger.

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