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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Playmaker247, Jan 14, 2013.

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    I agree it's going to cause his stock to drop, but I don't see him falling out of the second round. Guy is a playmaker.
  2. ABQcowboyJR

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    I'm right there with you. I would loveto see rambo on the cowboys. I realize he might not be the RKG but at a point in the draft you take a chance. We should have taken a chance on Dennard last year.
  3. AsthmaField

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    The last time we took #22 from Florida it worked out pretty well.

    Having said that, I like Elam against the run but not so much in the passing game. He's ok, but he wouldn't be the savior here. Would be fun to watch though.

    Don't like Reid very much. Something about his game bothers me and it is hard to put my finger on it. Even die hard LSU fans around here aren't very high on him.

    I could be wrong though.

    McDonald is interesting but I haven't seen him enough to really know (SEC country here).
  4. reddyuta

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    what we need a a Earl thomas clone or someone close,a guy who can track the ball in the air and get there to make the play;we have no one close on our roster who fits that description and we need one if we have to have success in the Tampa 2.
  5. kirkjrk

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  6. Avery

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    I don't care for his ball skills too much. He doesn't wrap up very well and looks to simply just pop guys which doesn't really work in the pros.

    I would go in another direction unless we're looking at him in round three.
  7. AsthmaField

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    I think he's better in coverage than a lot of people on here think he is. He isn't Ed Reed, but he can cover pretty well. He just is so strong against the run that that's what people talk about.

    For all we know Kiffin might think he's the perfect safety to play in his scheme.
  8. CowboyStar88

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    This is the guy I want with our first pick. I love watching this kid play and I think we need a bit of that confidence and nasty in the defensive back field. It's something we are missing and have been missing for a long time. Maybe Church can provide that, but I think the safety duo of Elam/Church will be a great combo for years.
  9. AsthmaField

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    I wouldn't mind it, although I think we go elsewhere with our first pick.
  10. RS12

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    According to the National Football Post's Russ Lande, opinions among NFL scouts are mixed on Florida S Matt Elam's NFL Draft value.
    "Some (scouts) think he's a first-rounder, some think he's more of a second- or third-round guy," said Lande. "From what I've heard from scouts, pretty much all I've spoken to, is they love his aggressiveness, he has great range, he can run. He's willing to hit. They'd like him to be a little more consistent as a tackler." Lande also noted Elam's inconsistencies in deep pass coverage.
  11. AsthmaField

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    I really like the way this guy plays and I think the defense needs a little more of that on it.

    Wouldn't mind a trade back to later in the first to get Elam and pick up another 2nd.
  12. blackbull

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    Smart man. If major wright can play decent in Tampa 2 let's be real here. I don't mind passing him once but if we pass on him twice it'll be a shame.

    ABQCOWBOY Moderator Staff Member

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    McDonald is an injury or penalty waiting to happen at the next level. He has all the physical attributes you could ask for in an NFL safety but he can't tackle for crap. Never wraps up. Always targets the head, leaves his feet entirely too much on tackles and always has his head down. People are going to throw at him at the next level every time he's on the field because they know he will draw a flag. He is everything that's wrong with current players IMO. He just has no idea what a form tackle is. He's going to end up hurting him self badly if he doesn't correct this. He's not a day one starter by any means IMO. Before he can get on the field at the next level, somebody is going to have to teach him how to tackle properly.

    Also, the guy never looks for the INT. Always looks to deliver a blow and usually to the head.

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