News: Matt Johnson will return to practice next week

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by dmq, Dec 29, 2012.

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    By Brandon George / Reporter
    1:34 pm on December 28, 2012 | Permalink

    IRVING — Cowboys rookie safety Matt Johnson, who is on the reserve/injured returnable list, was eligible to practice Friday for the first time but said he only worked on the side.

    Johnson, who hasn’t played this season because he’s battled hamstring injuries all year, said he plans to return to practice next week if the Cowboys win Sunday night and advance to the playoffs.

    “I’ve felt great for three or four weeks now,” Johnson said.

    Johnson said he feels like he’s in better shape, stronger and “more explosive” than when he arrived after being drafted out of Eastern Washington.

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  2. Woods

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    One of the things I really hoped for was to see both Church and M Johnson play more snaps this season.

    If either guy works out, it would save us at the minimum a high draft pick next year.
  3. DFWJC

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    Church did work out.
    It'll now depend on his recovery if we can count on him in 2013.
  4. Teague31

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    so it goes like this...

    we win sunday
    off monday
    matt pulls a hammy on tuesday

    got it.
  5. Woods

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    I meant to say I was hoping to see a larger sample size from Church.

    I guess it's a good sign the staff extended him post-injury. They must feel very positive about him (and his injury).
  6. JakeCamp12

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  7. AdamJT13

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    Tuesday is the players' day off.
  8. Thatkidbob

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    I've got my fingers crossed, but he might just find a way
  9. plymkr

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    I think he re-injures his hamstring cheering for his team mates on Sunday night.
  10. DallasDW00ds0n

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    Lol who cares about Matt at this point?
  11. brooksey1

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    We need to get him as much work as possible, and we need to look at him for draft purposes, what do we have with this guy besides injuries?
  12. Rack Bauer

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    Too soon to say with Church. WAY too soon. They extended him but he could still end up being subpar. We don't know.

    Plus that injury he's coming back from is no joke.
  13. Vertigo_17

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    I really hope he's ready next year, we are going to need to look at safety among other issues on D
  14. TX_Yid

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    Fell at the first
    Got the second bit right though
  15. Avery

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    I don't know, Peprah is a good player.

  16. yentl911

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    Good thing he can practice this week. That will come in handy.

    IAMKING Benched

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    At least he won't get hurt
  18. Teague31

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    Wanna bet?
  19. newlander

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    can finally get some well earned time a guy like this can show his face at the facility is beyond me. What a joke. Nice pick Jerrah.....did you have your wad of cash out bettin' with your boys on draft day when you made this colossal blunder?:rolleyes: The beat goes on......
  20. LifetimeBoysFan

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    Don't bet on it. Plenty of opportunity to pull a hammy getting out to the field. Someone forgets to put a caution floor wet sign out and well we may not see him next year either.

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