Matt Johnson?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by jaybird, Aug 9, 2013.

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    smdh... do yall remember Isaiah Stanback?

    People like Matt Johnson and AOA get people like Danny Amendola cut from the roster.
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    This is what we need to remember, I really have no problem with them hoping Johnson pans out but we lose guys like Amendola and Walden because they are hoping their pet cat has a light come on or stops being so injury prone. Neither AOA or Stanback are even in the league anymore, if they want a safety they need to pull the trigger next year and get one in the early rounds if any are available because they are as good at training safeties as they are at lineman, and we see how the experiments at lineman has gone the past years. More like Frankenlineman than anything congruent.
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    Yeah but Johnson is in his second season, Carter is in his 3rd and Lee is in his 4th
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    You don't know who's draft board he was on, other than ours. He was a 4th rounder for a reason. If you think you understand that reason, fine. Mocks drafts? Seriously? Who cares about mock drafts? They're for enjoyment but hey have little value whatsoever, because the people creating them by and large dont have the resources to evaluate a player from Eastern Washington. A lot of players who are on everyone's first round mocks end up being busts. Mocks are largely irrelevant. They often tend to be very different from the boards that actually matter.

    I agree that a player who can't stay on field eventually has to be let go, but it doesn't have to be right now. Maybe there's some diamond in the rough who's on the street right now, who could take his spot and be the next Woody, but the chances of that are so small that the responsible thing is to see if they can get something out their investment. The guy is barely into his second year. If the team thinks he can play, then they need to give him every chance to show he can before they cut him loose. With rosters still at 90, I don't think his spot is such a huge deal.
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    I think JJ Wilcox is a player, he is a little green and can use some experience but he is always around the ball and has instincts you can't teach. He didn't play that great in the first game but he was always around the ball, and last night was a big improvement, he was around the ball on every play pretty much making tackles and had a nice INT.... I think they have their safeties going forward with Church and Wilcox.... If Johnson stays healthy he is going to be a player and push Church as a starter in the future, if not they can sign another veteran in the offseason to add depth but I don't think they really need a Saftey in the early rounds of the draft next year unless a special player is on the board when they pick.... That's just my opinion
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    My point was that many people last year new we needed a safety. "Professional" and "amateur" mocks didn't even have this guy on a radar, yet once the pick was in, he was immediately anointed the starter by many here, the youtube highlights go up and he is referenced in some posts as next best to Mark Barron. The issue is that, like OL, the depth and talent at safety has been pretty shoddy over an extended period. I dont trust the FO evaluation of Safety and OL.

    If there was a history of longshots at safety or OL becoming solid contributors, I might be more inclined to give the "benefit of the doubt." For the record, I love the JJ WILCOX pick and potential. I just wasnt a fan of the 2012 draft. I think the FO will "hang on" to some players drafted in rds 3-7 longer just because they drafted them and not because they actually earned a spot. I dont think they want to answer questions about striking out on mid rnd picks.
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    Also, you dont know if he was on another NFL draft board either. Since Parcells left can you name 4-7 rd or UDFA that have made a large contribution on Off or Def? I had higher hopes for Hanna, but then here comes Escobar in Rd 2.
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    On the one hand I really like the way Johnson plays the game. I like his burst and his tackling.

    On the other hand...dayum. Dude seems to be hurt every time he makes contact with another player (Some of the practice reports from Oxnard were saying as much).

    I dunno, man. If you are always hurt the NFL isn't for you. JMO.
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    The dude is fragile. He cant hang.
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    Fair enough.
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    Yes, they did. Both were said to be injury prone and would not make it in the NFL.
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    That's a poor choice of words.
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    The four most ridiculed players in Cowboys history as far as injuries go have been Miles Austin, Terence Newman, Isaiah Stanback, and now Matt Johnson. I always find it pretty hilarious actually.
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    Under Wade:

    Orlando Scandrick 5th round
    Tashard Choice 4th round
    Doug Free, 4th round
    Victor Butler 4th round
    Jason Phillips 6th round

    Under Garrett (I am giving credit for 2010 players since they have mostly developed under Garrett)

    Barry Church UDFA
    Phil Costa UDFA
    Alex Albright UDFA
    Dwayne Harris 6th round
    Sean Lissemore 7th round
    Ron Leary UDFA
    Cole Beasley UDFA
    Kevin Kowalski UDFA
    James Hanna 6th round
    Chris Jones UDFA
    Dan Bailey UDFA
    Lance Dunbar UDFA
    Phillip Tanner UDFA
    Jermey Parnell UDFA

    There are some to be determined because they were injured in their rookie years or mostly in developmental mode:

    Kyle Wilber, 4th round
    Ben Bass UDFA
    Matt Johnson 4th round
    David Arkin, 4th round
    Darrion Weems UDFA

    This yeas group potentially includes:

    BW Webb 4th round
    Joseph Randle 5th round
    Devonte Holloman 6th round
    Alex Tanney UDFA
    Andre Smith UDFA
    David Magee UDFA
    Tank Reed UDFA
    Jeris Pendleton UDFA
    Kendal Lawrence UDFA

    Anyhow, I do think we are doing a reasonable job at looking for late round gems and UDFAs. We also have made a habit of scouring our teams PS for useful players to develop. I would argue that the number one thing Garrett has done is bring in better teaching and players with more motivation to improve their games and passion to play hard through the whistle. This is at least partly out of necessity as we have not had extra cap room to compete for premium FAs during his stay. I think we have really only signed one premium player in FA in the last 3 offseasons - Brandon Carr. That was probably more Jerry wanting to make a splash after Rob Ryan told him he needed this player and would deliver a top 10 defense with the CBs he wanted. Of course it did not happen and he was canned at the end of the year.

    I think we are about to see some good results from all the roster upgrades as these guys begin to hit their stride and fill out the roster depth that has been lacking behind the front-tier stars who have been great for the last several years - Romo, Ware, Dez, Spencer, Tyron, Murray, Miles, Witten, Lee, Carter, Carr and Mo.
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    I'll agree with OScan. Free, I think that is TBD. He was resigned, but I dont think anyone think he has been a consistent starter (not looking for a pro-bowler). Harris is a fair point based on late last year. the others are way too early to say they have been major contributors.

    I am comparing that list with ratliff(7th), Austin, Hurd, Crayton (7th) Bradie James, Romo, etc.

    Its just my perceived approach to the draft they take. trade picks for high profile positions (RWII, Galloway, etc), draft for "special teams", etc.etc. I think some of the UDFA end up with playing time because the overall talent level is not solid. It has been top heavy with a decent void for solid contributors.
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    AOA is on the Saints roster and Stanback is on the Jags as a TE (lol).
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    Please dump this china doll ASAP!
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    If Matt Johnson doesn't impress this preseason, Cowboys need to drop the dead weight and look elsewhere. I am all for second chances but it comes a time you have to realize that dog just won't hunt.
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    Taking notes of everyone who has already thrown in the towel on this guy before the season even starts.
    Should be interesting to see how it plays out. I honestly don't know.
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    Looks like a player to me. I say keep him around for a bit -- just get the sense that he is the physically imposing type that the Cowboys are trying to inject into their team. Yes, he has been injured an aggravating amount of time in his time here but in the few moments he has been on the field, he has been noticeable. That's pretty darn impressive -- how often does a guy step in and immediately look like one of the better players out there? Sean Lee certainly didn't.
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