Matt Jones(QB) of Arkansas

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Cowboys_fan8, Mar 23, 2005.

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    I think Matt Jones has a really good chance of being drafted by the 'Boys as a project wide reciever/tight end. I don't really think he will be drafted early but, I think he will be drafted.

    Just a little background on me: I watch the Arkansas Razorbacks(football) religiously, and I just think Matt Jones is AWESOME. I'm really following the draft and stats and things of that nature because I'm interested in where he's going. Also, just in case anyone didn't know, he ran the 40(yard dash) in 4.37 seconds, which is just above Michael Irvin. Keep in mind he's a QB!
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    2 things...

    1. He didn't run a 4.37. His official time was in the 4.4's which is still absolutely phenomenal for a man his size.

    2. Michael Irvin never ran anything close to that. I'd say he ran a 4.6 on a good day with the wind at his back. He was never fast.

    One more thing, welcome to the board.
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    Apparently you didn't see him run soon after celebrating his 30th birthday party. :D
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    Welcome to the board............enjoy

    I agree Matt Jones has a real good chance to be a Cowboy.

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