Matt Lienert ?

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by dannywhites, Jan 2, 2006.

  1. jimmy40

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    Leinart = Joey Harrington.
  2. sacase

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    How about we use those picks on a O line where we can put any QB in and he will do great. Just a thought.
  3. Murph80

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    No way I wouldn't give up 2- 3's for him
  4. ManofSteel2331

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    what an absolute terrible idea
  5. joseephuss

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    No player is worth that many picks. A player may be very good, but you still need other pieces around them to get the most out of their abilities. If Dallas traded that much to get Leinart, they would have very little opportunity to add talent to other positions.

    I wouldn't trade that much to get Peyton Manning or Tom Brady right now. I like both those QBs and they are both better than Bledsoe, but neither would have much success behind this line. And with all those picks gone, Dallas could not improve the teams in the other areas that are needed to make this a very good team.
  6. InmanRoshi

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    It would take far more than that. It will take much just to move up from #5 to get Leinart at #2. In reality, there is absolutely no way Dallas could move up to the Top 5 from 18. No organization could sell that severe of a drop down to their fan base.
  7. Muhast

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    Brady Quinn is hands down a better player then Lienart. No thanks. I'll wait a year
  8. dannywhites

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    Well,as i said,i was just throwing it out there.
    However,giving up a 2 and 3 and a 1 next year (which hopefully should be near the end of round 1) is NOT over paying for the best QB in the draft.
    If i remember right,
    (and while i do not post much,i am on here multiple times a day year round),
    there were some people hoping he would come out early,and maybe we might have a chance to snag him.
    Even Aikman said this past weekend,and this is not word for word
    "it is not about talent in the nfl,everyone has talent,it is about the intangables".
    Some players are "winners",and some players are great players.
    If we had a chance,i would take him,sit him for a year behind Bledsoe (who i like,but there is a reason why he has been on 3 teams,its because he is a "good" QB,but a QB who will always break your heart)
    Me,i want to add to:
    Meridith-Stauback-D.White(deserves more credit than he gets)-Aikman
    The hell with a bus driver,i want the guy who picks up the bus and carries it on his back,maybe im spoiled,but thats what i'm used too as a COWBOY fan.
  9. Clove

    Clove Shrinkage

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    I'd do it in a heartbeat. Sometimes, you have to sell out to get the best.

    Take a look at all the teams who had dynasties since the 70's. They all have one thing in common. They had a home grown young Franchise QB.
    Steelers - Bradshaw
    49rs - Montana
    Cowboys - Aikman
    Patriots - Brady

    I know it may hurt us, but we have to pull the trigger at some point.
  10. Fletch

    Fletch To The Moon

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    No way do we mortgage the future like that, just to get a possible Phillip Rivers in the making.
  11. Clove

    Clove Shrinkage

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    For Manning or Brady I would, not a draft pick.
  12. SkinsandTerps

    SkinsandTerps Redskins Forever

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    With the current OL status ?

    I wouldnt.

    Both of those guys need a solid OL.
  13. skinsngibbs4life

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    personally, i think you let blesoe QB next year, and then, you wait for brady quinn to come out of notre dame, because he will be good. he is already playing in a NFL system right now, and will have a quick transition to the NFL
  14. Billy Bullocks

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    We need to draft a QB eventually. But if you guys out here think that this team can go to a SB in the next few years, it's not going to be with a rookie. Im all for drafting a QB and developing him, or seeing what the other guys can do that we already have.

    Leinhart does look to have a mediocre arm. He has great coaching, and he is surrounded by great players. I will say, he has won alot and put up good numbers, and that has to count for something. Though I have a hard time believing that he is anywhere near as good as Palmer.

    Personally, Id rather have a guy like Leftwich or Roethlisberger over Leinhart
  15. Natedawg44

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    Move this flipping post to an area where someone gives a crap about fricking Matt (New Face of the New Orleans Saints) Leinert. Like maybe the draft zone.
  16. scottsp

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    If only it were that cheap.

    Not too many Cowboy fans are going to be willing to pay such a price, regardless of said talent. As you know, blue chip quarterbacks are the toughest thing to find. In 1989, this team took on a lot of backlash for taking Troy Aikman with the top pick. And that continued for a couple years.

    My thought is, fans here don't want to wait two or three seasons before a top end draft pick starts paying off. I suspect even if we had a top three selection, much of our fan base would be hesistant to go Leinart or another quarterback. We feel we are close to something big. IMO, something more "instant" would be more palatable to the masses.

    I wouldn't pay the incredible price to move up that far, though I believe Matt Leinart to be damn good. If Dallas were up top in the order, it would be a far different story. For me anyway.

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