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    — With Texas A&M star Johnny Manziel in the 2014 draft class, I've been asking around about how teams view him. Three high-level scouting sources told me he's a "lock" to be a top-10 pick, and they like his value there. On the other hand, ESPN's Cecil Lammey tweeted that a team source told him they "didn't want" Manziel. Opinions will vary team to team, but it only takes one to draft him early.

    — TCU cornerback Jason Verrett is a player many scouts are talking about as they prep for the Senior Bowl. One NFL source told me, "if he (Verrett) were 1.5" taller, he'd be a top-five pick." Verrett is physical and plays the ball well. He'll have a big chance to impress at the Senior Bowl.

    — The cornerback position is deep this year, and one AFC scouting director told me he's most excited to see Keith McGill (Utah) and Stanley Jean-Baptiste (Nebraska). Both are listed at 6'3", and if they run well and show flexibility at the Senior Bowl, they could shoot up draft boards as teams look for the next Richard Sherman-type corner.

    — Texas defensive end Jackson Jeffcoat was a surprising snub from the Senior Bowl. His agent, Jordan Woy, tells me that Jeffcoat is preparing for the combine already and looks to impress there with his speed and overall athleticism.

    — Running back Jeremy Hill has left LSU for the NFL, and teams are in love with his talent. The downside is his off-field issues, which one team source told me "terrifies us." Hill was arrested for battery last spring, according to Saturday Down South's Jon Cooper, and has a previous arrest for "engaging in a sexual act with a 14-year-old in high school." He's serving a supervised probationary of two years for that charge. If teams look past his off-field issues, Hill could be the first running back drafted.

    — You'll hear a lot about hand size during the Shrine Game and at the Senior Bowl, but what are teams looking for? The minimum hand size for a quarterback prospect is generally 9". Like every rule of thumb, there are exceptions, but teams will "knock" a quarterback for a hand measuring smaller.

    — The hire of Ken Whisenhunt in Tennessee will be interesting for several reasons. 1) Does Whisenhunt feel he can develop Jake Locker at quarterback? 2) Will the Titans switch to a 3-4 defense? I would wager the answer to both is "yes," which will help shape the Titans' offseason needs.

    — How good is Auburn left tackle Greg Robinson? One scout who was responsible for evaluating Eric Fisher for his NFL team last year has Robinson graded out higher.

    — LSU tackle La'el Collins will return to school for 2014, and the early grade on him is a first-round projection. He will be competing with Cedric Ogbuehi (Texas A&M) and Brandon Scherff (Iowa) for the top tackle spot next year.

    — Speaking of next year, since it's never too early, my projected top five players are: 5. QB Brett Hundley (UCLA), 4. OT Cedric Ogbuehi (Texas A&M), 3. DT Leonard Williams (USC), 2. QB Jameis Winston (FSU) and 1. QB Marcus Mariota (Oregon).

    — I'm hearing a ton of buzz about Texas wide receiver Mike Davis. He's working out with former USC wideout Marqise Lee, and the word is that Davis has been the more impressive of the two.

    — Alabama's C.J. Mosley isn't expected to participate at the Senior Bowl, but unlike teammate AJ McCarron, his decision will be understood. Mosley was called a "to-20 lock" by one team scout, and it's widely recognized that risking injury at the Senior Bowl isn't worth it.

    — North Carolina tight end Eric Ebron has a chance to be a top-15 draft pick. One source told me Ebron has been called the "cleanest tight end prospect since Vernon Davis" in their meetings.
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    Dont let Jerry read this.
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    Jeremy Hill is a grown man running that football...
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    Doesnt sound like a genius off the field though:

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    I feel dirty. I got to the end and realized that I had just spent time reading something from BleacherReport.
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    Read it? Jerry was probably the "source"...

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